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Sep 25, 2018    Episodes

Episode #2: Applying Agility to an Entire Enterprise

In today’s episode of Ayehu’s podcast we interview Ola Chowning, Partner at ISG (Information Services Group)

“Agile” has been a highly successful approach to software development since the start of the 21st century, though its conceptual roots can be traced back to 1957.  Are Agile’s principles of adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continual improvement applicable beyond IT to an organization as a whole?  Ola Chowning believes so, and she should know. 

As Head of ISG’s Enterprise Agility practice, Ola is calling on organizations to innovate technologically in order to increase their business responsiveness.  By leveraging emerging technologies like DevOps, cloud, and automation, she helps businesses greatly improve the speed at which they respond to market changes.  The key first step Ola advocates taking towards increasing that velocity though is surprisingly not technical at all.

Ola Chowning

Partner, ISG

Ola is an IT transformational thought leader with over 25 years of leadership experience within various industries helping enterprises make transformation change.  Ola has advised corporations in the opportunities related to emerging technologies, and is fluent in Enterprise Agility, DevOps, cloud, and automation. She leads ISG’s Enterprise Agility practice globally, where she has guided clients in the development of governance and value assurance models that address decision making from investment through operation, and organizational design and implementation to enable those models. Ola can be found at:                      

Twitter:             @OlaChowning


“As an employee…particularly in technology, we should be relatively comfortable with change.”

“…the main concept behind enterprise agility is that not everything you do within your organization needs the same level of agility ” 

“The principles of agility would tell you I need to be in a highly collaborative atmosphere. I need to be able to make decisions in a very rapid way. That’s what drives velocity, and the ability to respond to the market at the speed that the business needs.”

“The real theory, and it’s really not even theory anymore, it’s been proven many times, is that the smaller you get from a teaming perspective, and the more focused you have them on a smaller group of business objectives, the more likely you’re going to get the velocity that you need in order to respond to those objectives and be very, very efficient.” 

“…rapid learning is something that most of us have somewhere in our tool chest, and we need to really brush it off and be prepared to learn a lot of new things, and be open to taking on different roles within these smaller empowered teams.”

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