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Oct 11, 2018    Episodes


Episode #3: Enabling Positive Disruption with AI, Automation and the Future of Work 

In today’s episode of Ayehu’s podcast we interview Ian Barkin , Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Symphony Ventures


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“Disruptive Innovation”, a term coined in 1995 by Harvard scholar Clayton M. Christensen, can wreak havoc and displacement upon markets, organizations, and product lines. New technologies such as Cassette Tapes, CDs, and MP3 files, are examples of innovations which disrupted the music industry, upending the existing order. Many people are predicting that automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning could generate the same chaos. However, Ian Barkin Chief Strategy Officer for Symphony Ventures, preaches a contrarian viewpoint of positive disruption to his clients.

In Ian’s view, existing infrastructures should not be replaced by innovations like AI, but rather melded together, creating a new digital operations reality. He’s found numerous instances where the “non-cashable” benefits alone from this approach outweigh the “cashable” ones, and often in unexpected ways. Ian talks with us about positive disruption, the “extra hour scenario”, and why we must reform our education practices starting at the pre-school level in order to prepare our youngest generation for a future of work which will rely much more on creativity than doing routine tasks.

Ian Barkin

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Symphony Ventures

Ian is an experienced innovator, and transformation leader. He has built several industry leading Innovation Labs and has been at the forefront of trends including Internet of Things, supply chain BPO, Robotic Process Automation, and User Experience Design. Ian’s focus at Symphony is to design digital operations strategies, incorporating the Symphony Digital Ecosystem of partners, and future-proof delivery models including Robotic BPO (R-BPO), Managed Centers of Excellence (M-COE), and Digital Design thinking.

Ian can be found at:

Twitter:             @ibarkin  


“I call that “the extra hour scenario” and what I mean by that is if you walked into any organization, anywhere in the world, and you said “What would you do if I gave you an extra hour in your day?”

“one of the ways that the industry has taken to quantifying the impact of automation is the hours given back to the business.” 

“I think we really need to, from kindergarten, pre-school on up be teaching collaborative practices, teamwork.”

“What is the future workforce going to need of us and where won’t it need us anymore, and how do we really strip the curriculum down to the fundamentals and build it back up based on that reality?” 

“…how do you mesh the existing, not necessarily old, that sounds pejorative, but the existing with the new to truly create this digital operations reality for the organization.”

“…be wary of smoke, mirrors, and hype because I think it’s sending too many people on journeys into woods.”


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