Free eBook – 10 IT tasks you should automate!

10 time-consuming IT admin tasks you should automate!

Quite often, IT automation is feared with the notion that it’s complex, requires resources and large investments.

The solution is simply to start small – gain quick wins with automating repetitive tasks, before expanding automation into more complex processes.

In this Free eBook we assembled 10 IT admin tasks that you should easily automate to free up resources and launch new IT process automation projects.

Download this eBook: 10 time-consuming IT tasks you should automate! and learn how you can gain quick value from taking your time-consuming daily routine IT admin tasks and make them work for you:

  • Password Resets/Unlock Accounts
  • Free up server disk space
  • Monitor Files and Folders
  • Restart Windows services
  • Shutdown remote computers
  • Automate SQL Queries
  • Change service account password
  • Monitor Windows Event Logs
  • Automate VMware tasks
  • Incident Escalation Process

Download this eBook: 10 time-consuming IT tasks you should automate

Enjoy reading,

Gabby Nizri

eBook: 10 time consuming tasks you should automate

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