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Author: Guy Nadivi

The Ayehu Automation Academy is a free resource for Ayehu community members interested in upskilling their automation talent. Now is a great time to be in the field of automation, and for context, I’ll provide a little industry insight to frame the true value of being an automation professional.

In April 2020, Gartner published a paper titled “How to Start Executing a Successful Automation Strategy” (ID G00721030), which included an eye-opening quote:

“By 2025, more than 50% of the (global 2000) G2000 will have a dedicated automation group, up from less than 10% in 2020, which culminates in agility and cost efficiencies.”

If you do the math on that, then that means that less than 200 of the G2000 have dedicated automation groups today, but in 5 years, more than 1,000 of them will. That’s impressive growth, and it infers there will be important growth elsewhere too.

Another April 2020 paper from Gartner titled “Market Guide for Service Orchestration and Automation Platforms” (ID G00721991) actually gave a hint at how much growth. It included the results of Gartner’s survey of a number of IT leaders and asked “What are your organization’s investment plans for the following practice areas?” –

  • Technology Monitoring
  • IT Service Management
  • Cloud Management
  • SaaS Management
  • Configuration Management Database
  • IT Asset Discovery
  • I&O Automation

As you can see in the resulting graph, the #1 practice area where investments were expected to increase was I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) automation. 42% of organizations have plans to start investing there. That’s TWICE as much as the next closest practice area – cloud management. Kind of makes you wonder why the cloud is getting all the love these days when automation is clearly where organizations plan on spending the money.

One more thought to leave you with, again just for broader perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating digital transformation, and that means automation initiatives are ramping up, which in turn means more automation specialists are needed.

So ramping up your automation skills is not only a good investment in your career, but at a time of economic uncertainty, it’s the equivalent of creating a form of employment insurance for yourself. Not a bad idea, given the tens of millions of jobs already lost due to COVID-19.

So with that in mind, let’s dive in to the Ayehu Automation Academy.

You can easily navigate to the academy from the home page on our website. Just click on the “Customers” menu, then go to the link that says “Ayehu Automation Academy”.

After creating a user ID for yourself and logging in, you’ll have an opportunity to explore the Academy, where you’ll quickly find it’s very easy to navigate. BTW – the Academy is based upon an online learning system from a company called TalentLMS, which is used by over 70,000 organizations worldwide, and is highly regarded for its ease of use.

Eventually you’ll make your way to the course catalog, and there you’ll find dozens of courses to choose from on a variety of automation-related topics.

We’ve organized the courses in the catalog according to a logical categorization scheme that emphasizes 3 major learning areas:

  • Intelligence Driven Automation
  • Laying the Foundation For Enterprise Automation
  • Ayehu NG, which is further divided into 3 sub-categories:
    • Essentials
    • Dev
    • Advanced

You can see which courses fall under each category when you go and explore the Academy.

Next, let’s review the professional certifications available to you from the Academy.

To amplify what I wrote earlier, working towards these certifications is a great investment to make in yourself since automation is beginning to take center stage for so many organizations. Best of all, that investment won’t cost you anything but some of your time, since the Ayehu Automation Academy is free of charge.

There are currently 5 different certifications available:

  • Ayehu Certified IT Automation Analyst
  • Ayehu Certified IT Automation Developer
  • Ayehu Certified IT Automation Engineer
  • Ayehu Certified IT Automation Professional
  • Ayehu Certified Enterprise Automation Strategist

Ayehu Certified IT Automation Analyst

This certification is actually for anyone interested in the automation field, because no matter what area of automation you specialize in, you should have some good analytical skills.

IT Automation Analysts are often doing things like:

  • Collecting data from departments to identify opportunities for automation.
  • Collecting inputs from stakeholders who will be impacted by a switch to automation.
  • Documenting and defining or frequently redefining business processes to take advantage of automated capabilities.
  • Scoping out the automation process to be implemented.

Not surprisingly, the IT Automation Analyst is going to be someone who is very analytical, has strong modeling and documentation skills, and above all is an excellent listener.

The exam for this certification focuses on knowledge about Automation and AI in the IT field, and understating how an AI-driven automation solution like Ayehu NG can help your organization reach its objectives.

Ayehu Certified IT Automation Developer

As you might’ve guessed, this certification is for anyone interested in the more technical hands-on aspects of automation.

Although the Ayehu platform requires no coding to orchestrate high-value workflows, there are still those who want to get under the hood and do some programming.

With that kind of skillset, IT Automation Developers are usually the ones doing things like:

Building their own custom integrations, often to connect with applications/systems/platforms unique to their environment. They’re also building their own custom activities, with Ayehu’s new Workflow Activity Designer.

IT Automation Developers should have strong programming skills in Python, C#, and/or Microsoft .NET, as well as be detail-oriented and good at problem-solving.

The exam for this certification focuses on the ability to understand how custom activities and integrations work in Ayehu NG, as well as the ability to successfully develop any custom requirement for both activities and integrations.

Ayehu Certified IT Automation Engineer

This certification is also for the more technically-oriented, particularly those who will be working with the Ayehu NG platform day in and day out, and applying their in-depth knowledge of it to maximize its automation effectiveness.

IT Automation Engineers perform such critical tasks as:

  • Installing Single- and Multi-tenant instances of Ayehu NG.
  • Configuring and optimizing the platform’s different components and modules.
  • Building workflows with the Ayehu NG Workflow Designer.

The primary attributes an Automation Engineer should have is being a logical thinker who understands processes (both systems and business) and possessing strong communication skills.

The exam for this certification focuses on knowledge about the Ayehu NG Automation platform, its architecture, and different components. It will also test your ability to deploy a single-tenant installation, and design simple workflows within the Ayehu NG Workflow Designer.

Ayehu Certified IT Automation Professional

If you are already certified as an IT Automation Engineer, and want to take your certification to the next level, then you can pursue becoming an IT Automation Professional. Like the IT Automation Engineer, the IT Automation Professional is a hands-on, technically-oriented person working with Ayehu NG day in and day out, but doing more advanced things.

As a prerequisite this certification requires that you must first be certified as an IT Automation Engineer.

IT Automation Professionals do many of the same things as IT Automation Engineers, as well as:

  • Designing more advanced Ayehu NG deployments.
  • Building more advanced workflows.
  • Troubleshooting the NG platform.

The IT Automation Professional will often assume a project manager role with automation projects. So just like IT Automation Engineers, they need to be logical thinkers that understand processes, but they must also be good multi-taskers, and have excellent communications skills

Advanced design concepts and troubleshooting are the primary focus for this certification’s exam.

Ayehu Certified Enterprise Automation Strategist

This certification is for the person with the vision, leadership skills, and often executive sponsorship to lead an overall automation initiative for an organization.

Enterprise Automation Strategists will often be the ones:

  • Setting up a Center of Excellence to establish organization-wide standards on automation.
  • They’re usually also heavily involved in picking and prioritizing processes which make the best candidates to be automated.
  • By default, they typically become the face of automation within the enterprise, due to their high-profile role.

An Enterprise Automation Strategist, as you can imagine, must have stellar communications skills, be a take-charge manager who knows how to overcome internal resistance to change, and very, very importantly be an agent of change who can evangelize automation successes within the enterprise.

The exam for this certification focuses on identifying and evaluating process automation candidates, issues around having an automation CoE, and understating how an AI-driven automation solution can help advance organizational goals.

If you’re interested in turbo-charging your automation career, there’s never been a better time than now. Please visit the Ayehu Automation Academy to get started on your free courses and certifications today.

To watch the on-demand webinar recording, click below.

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