Highlights from Guy Nadivi’s Discussion with MSP Today about IT Process Automation, MSPs and More

Ayehu's Guy Nadivi Talks Automation & MSP ExpoIt’s no secret that IT professionals are being burdened with the increasing pressure that comes with maintaining optimum network security and maximum efficiency levels. Couple this with the fact that there is a serious skill shortage, particularly in the security realm, and those pressures increase tenfold. The good news is, this can all be overcome thanks in large part to IT process automation, which can be leveraged alongside human workers to respond faster and more effectively and maintain a greater degree of control over the entire process.

Ayehu’s Director of Business Development in North America, Guy Nadivi, recently sat down for a chat with MSP Today’s Stefania Viscusi for one of their Expert Features. Here are a few of the main highlights of the discussion.

A Shift in Thinking…

One of the biggest questions on the minds of so many IT professionals is not only what technological changes are occurring, but also how those changes will help businesses grow, improve and become even more successful. Guy shared his insight that over the past year the most significant change isn’t necessarily about technology, but rather it’s been a shift in the way IT executives and managers think, work and strategize. Specifically, there’s been a much more open-minded approach to tools like IT process automation, particularly in MSPs, NOCs and SOCs. As a result, businesses are maxing out their efficiency levels, which has allowed them to continue to grow despite of the skilled labor gap.

Increasing Challenges on the Security Front…

Of course, the discussion between Guy and Stefania naturally turned to the growing concern all organizations are currently facing in terms of cyber-security. As Guy pointed out, the greatest challenge lies in misplaced focus of efforts. It’s not just about protecting sensitive data and networks against potential breaches, but also detecting and remediating incidents as quickly and effectively as possible. Equally important is eliminating manual response tactics, which are ineffective against today’s threats, like ransomware. Incorporating automation into the incident response strategy is key to enabling faster containment, eradication and recovery.

MSPs and Automation Go Hand in Hand…

Many in the IT field mistakenly believe that IT process automation software developers, like Ayehu, are somehow in competition with Managed Service Providers. But as Guy clarified, this isn’t the case at all. In fact, while many organizations opt to use automation in order to keep IT tasks in-house, the MSPs themselves are also adopting automation technology to improve and enhance their own operations. He also pointed to a Gartner prediction that MSPs will reduce their workforce by 20 percent thanks to IT process automation – and all while maintaining the same (or better) levels of performance. The cost savings realized by this will make successful MSPs more profitable, agile and competitive.

Other noteworthy things touched upon in the article include how the cloud / MSP model is a very real and effective solution, especially for mid-sized organizations with limited IT staff; what emerging technologies are expected to further disrupt the business world and how channel partners are keeping up with the latest trends and developments.

Guy also shared a sneak peek at what he’ll be doing during his upcoming session at the ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, FL from Feb. 8 – 10, who should consider attending and why. Among other things, his session entitled “Why Automation is Critical for MSPs to Succeed” will be designed specifically for MSP executives and operations staff members who are struggling to remain competitive in the rapidly changing MSP landscape. Some of the exciting topics covered will include:

  • Enabling Scalability without Increasing Head Count
  • Putting an End to Firefighting
  • Eliminating the Need for Complicated Scripting and more
You can read the full MSP Today interview here. For more information about the ITEXPO or the collocated MSP Expo, please click on the corresponding hyperlinks. And, to download your free 30 day trial of eyeShare IT process automation tool, click here.

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