Ayehu’s Help Center – First Steps

To sign up with Ayehu’s Help Center:

  1. Access http://support.ayehu.com and click the Sign Up link.1
  2. Fill in your full name and company name, click the Sign Up button and wait for a verification email. If you do not see the email in your inbox after a few minutes, search your Junk/Clutter/Spam folder.
  3. Follow the link in the verification email and choose your password.

Where can I find answers before submitting a new ticket?

Before submitting a new ticket, you may search our knowledgebase and community for a quick answer to your question/problem. Use the main search field to search for relevant articles written by Ayehu’s experts, or relevant community posts and comments written by other eyeShare users like you.


How do I submit a new ticket?

To submit a new ticket:

  1. Click the Submit a Request link:32. Choose the type of issue for which you need assistance and fill in the rest of the form as requested.


How do I follow my ticket’s activity?

Following each ticket update, an email will be sent to your mailbox. You will be able to either reply to the email or browse the ticket in the help center and continue from there.

How do I keep track of my tickets?

Simply go to My Activities page. You may view the tickets that you opened and the tickets that were opened by anyone else in your organization.



If you have any suggestions on how to improve Ayehu eyeShare or Ayehu Help Center, please do not hesitate and add a new post in the community’s Product Feedback topic (-:

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