How IT Automation Complements Humanized NOC Operation

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Today, many companies are integrating internal network operation centers, or NOC, to monitor and manage incidents affecting the infrastructure. The network operation team is responsible for making sure that all systems are running smoothly, ensuring optimal productivity and efficiency. Managing incident response in a timely manner offers the best solution to NOC teams.

Humanized NOC services provide seamless Uptime management, comprehensive monitoring and remediation services for servers, workstations, network devices, applications as well as business-oriented workflows. Identifying network problems before impacting business functions or productivity is the primary focus of any NOC.

Ultimately, the goal of any NOC is to reduce downtime and to increase efficiency. Automating disparate systems and softwares to become self-acting or self-regulating decreases recovery time and response rate. IT process automation will also directly affect the number of system outages and other critical issues. By ensuring business resilience, automation is helpful in improving operational performance and maximizing the business ROI.

IT automation is critical for managing operations to consistently maintain the highest quality of service while reducing operations costs. Customizing scripts to replace manual processes, in turn directly impacts the process of creating a scalable service model.

“In our ongoing efforts to expand our Uptime Management services for technology companies and enterprises, we are proud to announce our partnership with Ayehu.

Ayehu helps IT professionals to identify and resolve critical incidents, simplify complex operations and achieve improved control over IT infrastructure. Ayehu solutions are already deployed in major enterprises supporting thousands of business users.”

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