How IT Process Automation Can Make Your IT Department More Productive

How IT Process Automation Can Make Your IT Department More ProductiveAnyone who has ever worked a day in the IT realm understands the unique and increasing demands, expectations and pressures this group faces, not the least of which is maximizing productivity. The fact is, those in this chosen profession must somehow find a way to do more with fewer resources while also saving their organizations as much money as possible. In short, this is no easy feat. If you’re in the IT industry and are seeking ways to help boost the productivity and efficiency levels of your team, here are a few ways IT process automation can help.

New Account Provisioning – If we were to ask any given IT team what manual (but necessary) tasks were bogging them down the most, provisioning of new accounts would probably be at the top of the list. This process can sometimes take days to complete and is extremely time consuming, it simply has to be done in order for new employees to be able to access all the systems and applications they need to do their jobs. By automating this essential job function, new accounts can be set up immediately without the need for IT personnel to get involved.

Redundant Tasks – So much time is wasted when IT personnel has to conduct simple, repetitive tasks such as password resets. Yet, while doing so does not necessarily require much in terms of technical expertise, it is still critical because without this function, the end-user can be delayed in performing his or her essential work duties, which can negatively impact the organization as a whole. By implementing a self-service portal, the entire process can be streamlined and automated, saving time and aggravation on both sides of the coin.

Synchronization of Systems – When systems aren’t properly aligned and adequately synchronized to work in conjunction with one another, the resulting impact can include an increase in user error as well as a significant amount of employee time wasted on things like adding and removing users, creating file shares and other necessary maintenance tasks. By automating the account management function, all information can be automatically synchronized across all interconnected systems.

Update/Maintain Accounts – Keeping accounts up to date with the correct information, such as security permissions, is a time-consuming and tedious task – especially for larger organizations at the enterprise level. The account management process is an area where automation can be extremely beneficial, ensuring that all employee roles are set up and maintained as they should be, and that once an employee leaves the company, his or her access is automatically revoked.

Maximization of Skills – Most of those working in the IT department have been well-trained and possess a high level of technical skills. Unfortunately, with manual tasks bogging these staffers down, their abilities are not adequately optimized. With IT process automation, however, many of the less technical manual and routine tasks previously performed by the IT department can be shifted to other departments, such as the help desk. This allows the more advanced staff members to put their valuable technical skills to better use for the benefit of the company.

The IT field is fast paced and highly competitive. Finding a way to maximize efficiency and keep productivity levels as high as possible can help keep your IT department running at peak performance. Automation is the perfect tool for achieving this goal.

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