How To Automate SQL Query In Less Than 5 Minutes

What if you could provide your support team access to a data base without giving them direct access? Do you want to extract data from SQL database so it can be easily viewed from a mobile device? Or you want to run SQL queries on a regular basis, but you don’t want to let users access your database and expose it to human errors, nor you want to execute SQL scripts or run database queries manually.  With a simple automate SQL query workflow you can easily automate this process in the most audited and secured way.

Watch this video tutorial – How To Automate SQL Query In Less Than 5 Minutes:

The automated workflow has only 3 easy steps, which performs as the following:

  1. Databaseconnection& query – establishes a database connection and runs the desired SQL query or any remote database server you select.
  2. Saves results and sends by email  – write the results to an output file and send it as an attachment or HTML to a user via email or SMS
  3. Schedules SQL query or statements based on time intervals or external trigger.

Naturally, this workflow can be enhanced to include any other tasks or activities.

SQL Query Automation Use Case Examples:

  • Extract any business or IT related data to be sent on a regular basis to managers or they can run it on-demand from their mobile.
  • Automatically perform SQL queries in response to IT events generated by monitoring tools.
  • Execute number of SQL queries to compare results (compare between values) or verify the output results (i.e. if data is synchronized).
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory or security requirements and create an audit-trail.

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