How to Change Service Account Password on Multiple Hosts – Automatically

One of our customers came to us and asked how they can change service account password on multiple Windows servers instead of the default log on system account (e.g., Local System account). The customer had to change the logon credentials across all servers as part of application’s configuration and security policies changes.

As you can guess, we were called for the rescue and naturally were too lazy to do this manually. So we use our IT process automation software to automate this tasks and turn it into a ‘Change Service Account’ template for reuse. And we know it’s already being used by some other IT folks for automating service log on credentials change of multiple backup systems, application services, print services and more.

What does this process template do?

  1. Reads server list –to find out all target servers for service log on change. This can be done by reading an Excel or text file, running an Automated SQL query, or query  Active Directory server inventory.
  2. Sets service log on credentials – changes the account log on credentials (domain, user name, and password) while looping through the server list.
  3. Execute on a scheduled basis or on demand (open ticket) when needed.

Naturally, this workflow can be enhanced to include any other IT activity exists in Ayehu eyeShare IT process automation, and sending alerts in case any of the service account log on credential changes failed.

See the Change Service account password process in Action:

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