How to Create Self-Service Active Directory Password Reset via SMS

IT support personnel are swamped with work which includes both firefighting and ongoing projects. An issue common to any IT organization is dealing with user management such as: Active Directory password reset, unlock user account, create new user or terminate user, etc.

Individually, it only takes a few minutes to deal with these requests, but what happens when you have hundreds of users? Who deals with all these requests as the organization grows? Can the workload be reduced? Can it be automated and the end-user empowered with a self-service mechanism to act independently?

Here’s one way you can automate these procedures easily and in a very elegant way:


Use Ayehu eyeShare’s Integration for Active Directory, it comes with pre-packaged templates such as Active Directory Password Reset template in order to provide your end-users a way to reset their passwords with their mobile device. Of course, you can customize this procedure according to your needs and requirements.

Active Directory Password Reset workflow via SMS:

  1. The user sends a text message (SMS) to eyeShare with pre-defined text that includes their ID.
  2. eyeShare receives the request and initiates an automated workflow.
  3. The workflow authenticates the user based on their incoming mobile number and ID sent.
  4. If authenticated, eyeShare will generate a temporary password and reset the account with it, then update the AD settings so the user will have to change their password upon next login.
  5. Finally, the new temporary password will be sent to the end-user’s mobile device.

This process can be easily customized according to your needs. For example by, including notification for the system administrators, opening tickets automatically in your service desk system (i.e. ServiceNow, JIRA, SCOM), etc. Just drag and drop the desired activities to create your own custom workflow, using eyeShare visual workflow designer.

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