How to Get Critical Systems Back Online using IT Process Automation

How to Get Critical Systems Back Online using IT Process AutomationIf you are concerned with critical incident management and its impact on productivity, service levels and downtime- IT Process Automation is your solution, and this post is for you.

IT operations staff spend a huge portion of their time resolving urgent problems like system downtime, performance, and network availability, or performing critical maintenance tasks. As IT environment get more virtualized and more complex, problems take longer and longer to resolve. The burden of these urgent tasks, combined with today’s tight budgets, make it difficult for IT operations to work on key initiatives that add business value. The solution? IT Process Automation.

The Challenge of IT Problem Resolution
IT operations departments are expected to innovate and deliver business value, but IT operations staff spend a large portion of their time resolving problems with critical systems and performing critical maintenance tasks. With so many resources invested in these urgent activities, there is little time left for initiatives that add business value.

Are You Fighting Fires or Adding Value?
In today’s IT organizations, IT operations departments are at the forefront of innovation. Key initiatives such as virtualization, cloud computing, IT modernization, ITIL implementation, and IT compliances (e.g. SOX)—all of which have a huge impact on IT productivity and agility—are the responsibility of operations.
But do operations staff really have the time to make these big steps forward?

It is a common experience among operations staff that urgent problems push aside other important tasks. A large portion of the time is spent resolving problems—such as system downtime, performance of critical systems, and network availability—and performing critical maintenance of the same systems, leaving relatively few resources for key initiatives, strategy and planning, and even regular ongoing maintenance.

This makes it very difficult for IT operations to keep CIOs and CEOs happy—to do more than just “keep the wheels turning,” by delivering real business value.

Two Trends That Will Make the Problem Worse Forrester Research identifies two trends that will adversely affect IT operations’ ability to resolve problems while leaving time for other activities:

  • Increased complexity of the IT environment—virtualization and cloud computing introduce “a new layer of infrastructure complexity”; a complex infrastructure means problems are getting more complex to identify and troubleshoot, and require more time to resolve. Critical maintenance tasks are also more difficult than ever.
  • Economic pressures and accelerated trend to productivity—IT organizations are required to do more with less, and “business satisfaction with IT seems to be at an all-time low.” With less manpower and increased pressure to deliver value, IT operations departments are starving for resources.

Clearly, a solution is needed that will make problem resolution processes more efficient. This is the only way to reduce the burden on operations teams, and free up time for more valuable work.

How to Get Critical Systems Back Online in Minutes

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