How to Integrate IT Process Automation with CA Spectrum

How to Integrate IT Process Automation with CA SpectrumCA Spectrum is a popular network infrastructure management software that is helping enterprise-level organizations across the globe to discover, monitor and manage complex IT infrastructures, including physical, virtual and cloud environments as well as network virtualization. Automated fault management, fault isolation, root cause analysis and proactive network change management are all integrated into one single platform, improving service levels and reducing costs.

Incident management is something businesses of every shape, size and industry must prioritize, and CA Spectrum facilitates this. The system, however, does have some vulnerabilities, particularly in terms of notification and escalation once an issue is discovered. That’s where integration with IT process automation comes into play. By linking the two systems together, the resulting closed-loop process is more effective than through Spectrum alone.

The eyeShare product features a comprehensive, bi-directional integration option which allows for the trigger of workflows based on CA Spectrum alerts, using either email, SMS, phone calls or IM. Essentially, the integration allows users to close the loop between automation and IT personnel to control task execution anytime, anywhere, thereby extending CA Spectrum’s capabilities for maximum benefit.

How it Works

eyeShare’s integration pack for CA Spectrum provides the ability to capture the alerts that are generated by CA Spectrum. Those alerts are then automatically filtered and aggregated, the results of which will trigger a specific workflow. For example, let’s assume the CA Spectrum detects a failure in network connectivity. That alert is identified by eyeShare, which then automatically launches a predefined workflow that troubleshoots and resolves the issue. The alert is then cleared from CA Spectrum.

Want more control over the process? No problem. eyeShare allows for the embedding of ‘decision points’ within workflows, which will automatically pause the process and send status notifications via preferred method (SMS, IM or email). The human decision-maker then determines what action is needed and takes the appropriate steps to get the workflow back up and running.

Beyond simply responding to alerts generated by CA Spectrum, eyeShare also has the ability to create events, such as that caused by a glitch discovered during routine IT processing.

Some of the specific benefits that can be realized by integrating eyeShare with CA Spectrum include:

  • Enhanced visibility and control
  • Reduced time of response
  • Faster incident resolution
  • Quality documentation, 24/7
  • No human intervention required

In other words, eyeShare is the ideal complement to the highly effective CA Spectrum software product.

If your business is already using Spectrum for infrastructure monitoring and management, why not give us a try and see for yourself how much better the two work together?

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