How to Maximize ITSM Efficiency Through Intelligent Self-Service

Managing the lifecycle of IT services is a complex and challenging undertaking. Further complicating matters are the many different facets of IT service management (ITSM), of which even one minor failure can disrupt the entire operation.

Meanwhile, IT service desk teams are being asked to do more than ever before, even while operating with limited staff and managing ever-increasing workloads. This, coupled with bottlenecks, delays, and time-consuming manual processes, leaves IT teams feeling frustrated and on the brink of burnout.

There’s got to be a better way. Thankfully, there is.

Inefficiency Impedes Progress

In an ITSM benchmark study by AXELOS, when asked to prioritize their most pressing challenges, ITSM professionals listed inefficiency as their biggest problem to overcome.

Without question, IT operations and development teams across the globe want to improve the way they perform their jobs, and eliminating inefficient practices is the number one concern. In fact, the benchmark study found that 55 percent of ITSM professionals are interested in identifying and eliminating wasteful work.

But how?

Sure, there are plenty of tools and platforms available that can be used to streamline IT operations. While considering the fact that siloed working also made the list of biggest headaches for ITSM professionals, is it really wise to bring on yet another tool for an already overwhelmed IT team to manage? Won’t that just contribute to an already significant problem and make matters worse?

Not necessarily. The key? Integration.

Improved ITSM Efficiency Without Increased Complexity

For a machine to work efficiently, all of the cogs within must be fully functioning. More importantly, they must fit and work seamlessly together as they were intended to. The same concept can be applied to ITSM efficiency. Utilizing codeless service desk management software, such as Cherwell, can help streamline ITSM by automating service delivery.

Integrating Ayehu with Cherwell can lead to even more powerful efficiency for service desks.

Creating an Intelligent Self-Service Help Desk

The integration of Ayehu’s intelligent automation and orchestration platform with Cherwell extends the ITSM solution capabilities and provides significant IT process gains and efficiencies. The integration enables the automation of current manual processes, to reduce time to resolution and allow the service desk to ignore the noise and focus on more critical and complex issues.

Ayehu’s integration with Cherwell allows IT departments to:

  • Automatically open, update, close tickets, and query tables in Cherwell
  • Leverage two-way SMS and email for event notifications and escalations
  • Accelerate the reporting, escalation, and resolution of incidents
  • Eliminate manual work and human errors
  • Ensure fully documented end-to-end processes
  • Reduce the amount of “noise” at the service desk
  • Enforce change management procedures such as ticket status changes

Two-way communication ensures that Cherwell platform is constantly kept updated on the status of tickets, from initiation to resolution. The two systems are always in sync, providing accurate status snapshots regardless of which platform is being viewed. A live dashboard displays all issues handled by the system, along with their time to resolution, providing an overview of what Ayehu is handling.

Most importantly, with this integration, the IT service desk can fully automate and mimic the response of experienced operators and analysts, including complex tasks across multiple, disparate systems, executing thousands of well-defined instructions without any programming required and helping to resolve virtually any alert, incident, or crisis.

In other words, combining Ayehu with Cherwell enables busy or short-staffed ITSM teams to create intelligent self-service desks with fewer (or no) agents, finally making it possible to solve the “do more with less” conundrum.

Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Complexity

Integrated with Cherwell, Ayehu acts as a force multiplier, driving efficiency through a simple and powerful IT automation and orchestration platform powered by AI. The agentless platform is SaaS-ready for hybrid deployments and is powered by machine learning driven decision support, for fully enhanced and optimized automated workflows. It can also be installed on-premise connecting seamlessly with the Cherwell platform.

Managing IT services will never be simple, but with the right tools and technologies at your disposal, you can make it far less difficult than it has to be.

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