How Tomorrow’s IT Leaders will Use AI to Solve Problems

How Tomorrow’s IT Leaders will Use AI to Solve ProblemsWhen the IT professionals of today went to school, they most likely studied things like programming. Students attending today’s technical colleges and universities, however, are focusing on things like machine learning and artificial intelligence. As a result, tomorrow’s workforce will have been taught an entirely new way of approaching IT problems, including cybersecurity. And since the problems and attacks IT teams will face are also evolving, this change couldn’t have come at a more opportune time.

Let’s take a closer look at a few ways the IT leaders of the future will leverage AI technology to transform their organizations.

Simplify Work

Enterprise-level IT teams deal with complex processes and workflows on a daily basis. This is nothing new. How they manage these things, however, is changing for the better. AI is already capable of automating even the most complex business processes while also identifying trends to create greater business value and provide forward-thinking intelligence. As a result, human IT workers will have less busywork and will be far more capable of strategic, data-driven decision-making.

Answer Data Questions

There’s been no shortage of investment into areas such as data integration, yet in most cases, one big question remains: where’s the return? AI technology has the potential to deliver business cases for affordable data initiatives. For instance, tomorrow’s IT professionals will no longer have to waste countless hours classifying and indexing data manually. Artificial intelligence can handle it for them, thanks to natural language processing capability.

Stronger Cyber-Defense

Hackers are becoming savvier by the minute and their attacks are becoming more persistent and insidious. They are already leveraging machine learning and AI technology to achieve their nefarious objectives, which is forcing the hand of security professionals. Businesses being targeted can’t expect to defend themselves without better or at least equivalent ammunition. In other words, they’ll need to fight fire with fire, and that means adoption of AI for stronger cybersecurity postures.

Gain Competitive Advantage

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, obtaining a position of power is no easy feat. This will only continue to get increasingly challenging for future IT leaders. With other countries, China in particular, already investing heavily in AI technology to preserve their economic future, opportunities to compete on a global landscape will exist, but only for organizations that also make AI a top business priority.

What’s the next step?

AI isn’t something that’s in the far-off, distant future. It’s already here and will only continue to grow and expand tomorrow. The best way for businesses to prepare is to start having the conversation now. Whether it’s centered around data initiatives, cybersecurity, upskilling your workforce or something else, AI must be a focal point today if you are to remain steadfast and successful tomorrow.

It’s time to start discussing, learning, testing and incorporating AI across your organization. To see AI in action and begin positioning your company and IT leaders for the future, schedule a free, interactive product demo.

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