AIOps Perspectives Online Event Recap – The Importance of Intelligent Automation

AIOps Perspectives Online Event Recap – The Importance of Intelligent Automation

AIOps has emerged as a major new discipline that offers the promise of bringing together all aspects of an organization’s IT infrastructure, from DevOps and storage, to the network and computing, to service management and the application piece. This amalgamation helps to ensure an optimized experience, both for external customers as well as internal employees.

AIOPS PERSPECTIVES is a multi-media platform, offering web, magazine, newsletter, video and event information assets, which combine to educate end users as to how the technology works, and what are the benefits it offers. On June 8th, Ayehu’s own Guy Nadivi joined Phil Alsop for a one-day online summit to discuss the critical importance of intelligent automation and the increasing role it will continue to play in enterprise operations.

Guy Nadivi - Ayehu

As the host and producer of the Intelligent Automation Radio Podcast, Guy has interviewed and gained insight from some of the IT industry’s most respected thought leaders. Additionally, as one of Ayehu’s Senior Directors, he has first-hand experience with IT automation at the enterprise level.

In the attached video, Guy shares a tremendous amount of valuable insight, including the many bottom-line benefits of automating as well as several of the serious and costly downsides to NOT adopting automation technology, such as the inability to recruit top talent and remain competitive in the digital age.

He also provides specific, real-world advice on where and how to start on your automation journey, including how to successfully execute a POC and identify the best candidates for automation.

Other key takeaways include:

  • * The single most important thing that organizations can do to improve their odds of success with their intelligent automation initiatives
  • * The role of automation in the AIOps cycle
  • * How to create a self-perpetuating cycle of innovation, a self-healing data center and, ultimately, a self-driving enterprise.
  • * Advice for those still skeptical about automation

Don’t miss this incredibly insightful interview below!

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