Injecting Digital Intelligence into the Modern Enterprise

Injecting Digital Intelligence into the Modern EnterpriseAdvancements in AI, big data analytics and the IoT are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Enterprises must adapt to and evolve with the changes in order to compete remain relevant. This breakneck speed of technological change calls for tremendous flexibility and demands the ability to recognize the opportunities and challenges, both now and in the future. Digital intelligence is the key to unlocking the possibilities and achieving the desired outcomes of tomorrow.

The Power Behind Intelligent Organizations

There are two distinct forces that are shaping the intelligent enterprise of today. The first is the growing use of big data, which is at the foundation of developments in research, forecasting and artificial intelligence. The second is the increasing understanding of human judgment, reasoning and choice. Intelligent organizations are capable of merging these two powerful forces to create a synergy that propagates enhanced decision-making. It’s no easy feat, but the payoff is well worth it in the long run.

Through ongoing advancements in technology, such as improved machine learning algorithms, robots have begun to compete with and sometimes even surpass many of the capabilities that were once thought to be exclusive to humans.

The Role of AI

Intelligent enterprises are already beginning to harness the power of emerging technologies to optimize and accelerate their business processes. AI and machine learning algorithms are assisting business leaders by identifying patterns to gain crucial insight into operational and consumer interactions. Intelligent automation is streamlining repetitive tasks, reducing and sometimes eliminating the need for human intervention and freeing up skilled workers to focus on tasks at which humans excel.

Humans and Machines – A Match Made in Heaven

The truly intelligent organization is the one that successfully marries technological capabilities with human strengths. People will remain relevant in business wherever contextual understanding and creativity are required. Human workers utilize cognitive tools, like pattern matching and storytelling, to simplify complex phenomena. In fact, research indicates that the most effective forecasting come from a healthy balance between machine learning and human judgment.

The technological revolution provides business leaders with both an opportunity and a challenge. For forward-thinking companies, the most pressing questions will be which machine-versus-human approach to apply to what project and what’s the best way to integrate the two.

Digital Intelligence is the Way of the Future

In the not-so-distant future, best-in-class predictive business systems will feature a complex synthesis of humans and machines that draw on the strengths of each. Next generation technologies, such as AI powered automation and orchestration platforms, will provide the most powerful and effective decision support systems. These systems will become increasingly commonplace, expanding to become even more comprehensive and developing to become even more sophisticated over time. It’s entirely feasible to believe that someday intelligent decision support will reach a capacity that is equal to or better than human experts.

In this lightning-paced tech landscape, enterprises must look toward the future, identify where they want to be and redesign their approach based on that vision, embracing and adapting to technological changes along the way. Intelligent automation is a great place to start. To experience digital intelligence for yourself, click here to schedule an interactive demo.

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