Active Directory Integration

How much time does your IT or Help Desk team waste each day on Active Directory password resets and locked accounts?

About the integration

  • Frequent password reset, especially coupled with a complex password policy, lead to repeated account lockouts. In some workplaces, password reset calls take up almost 40% of IT support personnel’s working day. The procedure for each call includes phone authentication, execution of reset, confirmation, and documenting the call closure.
  • Ayehu for Active Directory (AD) enables automatic management of Active Directory tasks. Pre-packaged workflows automate the entire process out-of-the-box. For example: When a helpdesk user opens a ticket for a password reset, the workflow in Ayehu can automatically execute and reset the password for the account, sending it back to the end-user. Optionally, you can choose to have your end-users receive a confirmation via SMS.
  • Active Directory Password Reset
  • The results of this solution are reduced support calls and reduced end-user downtime. Admins can view and control user actions, leaving more time to focus on higher value tasks.

Sample Use Cases

Add new Users (from a file or event -driven)

Delete Users (from a file or event-driven)

Reset User Passwords

Run AD reports


Unlock User Accounts

Delete old Users (‘orphans’) from Active Directory

Add User to group

Meet compliance and security policies


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