Amazon Web Services Integration

Ayehu is a powerful IT process automation solution designed to automate manual IT tasks and workflows across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems via a simple-to-use drag-and-drop designer!

About the integration

  • Ayehu can now be fully integrated with Amazon Web Services. The AWS integration supports adding out-of-the-box activities for working with instances, images, snapshots and other resources.
  • Regardless of whether an organization uses Amazon Web Services for their development and test environment or for their production environment, one of the most common challenges many AWS users face is lack of automation. This Ayehu integration pack allows users to extend and enhance their AWS environment through advanced automation of workflows.

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu NG

  • With this seamless integration of Ayehu, organizations working with Amazon Web Services as their virtualization infrastructure can optimize the time and resources of the IT department and foster a much more productive, efficient environment.

Sample Use Cases

Creation of new images based on existing images
Creation and restoration of snapshots

Verification of image definitions based on best practices


Halt development and test instances
during non-working hours

Automated response to  AWS alerts

Notification of shortage
 in resources

Termination of instances that
are past their due date

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