BMC Remedyforce Integration

Closed Loop, Intelligence-Driven Process Automation!

About the integration

  • The ubiquity of cloud services and solutions only adds to the complexity of the multiple, disparate systems managed by today’s overwhelmed IT departments. Managing repetitive alerts, opening tickets, and resolving incidents can take 15 minutes per Level 1 task, with 80% of most cases being escalated to Level 2 for a total average of two hours to resolve one incident. What if there was a Level 0 support tier that handled the repetitive, manual processes for you automatically, without any need for human intervention?
  • Acting as a force multiplier and virtual operator, Ayehu’s IT automation platform seamlessly integrates with BMC Remedyforce IT service management (ITSM) solution for powerful closed-loop IT process automation. With pre-built workflow templates and runbooks to rapidly automate repetitive, manual tasks and processes, you can free up IT operations teams to focus on higher-level projects, significantly reduce errors, and greatly improve service levels.

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Ayehu integration with BMC Remedyforce

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Ayehu and BMC Remedyforce

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Remedy and Bots

How it Works:

  • The Ayehu platform can be installed on-premises, connecting seamlessly with BMC Remedyforce. Our agentless architecture allows IT professionals to execute tasks over physical, virtual, and cloud environments, without any installation or changes to your Remedyforce instance. Additionally, you have the ability to automatically discover records submitted or updated from any form, as well as map all form fields, exposing them as standard variables for use in workflow logic.
  • The following actions are available as out-of-the-box activities in Ayehu:
  • Create Record
  • Get Record
  • Update Record
  • Execute SQL

Sample Use Cases

Accelerate the reporting, escalation, and resolution of tickets and incidents
Eliminate repetitive, manual work and human errors

Significantly reduce the amount of
noise in the service desk

Reduce incident response time by up to 90%  with pre-built workflow templates

Leverage bi-directional SMS and email
for event notifications and escalations

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