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Create A Self-Driving Service Desk with Ayehu & Bold360ai

About the connector

  • There are predictions that by 2021, as much as 80% of your Tier-1 support will be handled by bots! Deployment of self-service chatbots can act as a force multiplier for your service desk, without increasing headcount.
  • Integrated with Ayehu NG, Bold360ai’s chatbot parses a user’s intent and context via natural language processing/understanding (NLP/NLU). The processed result can then trigger an Ayehu workflow which can use enterprise language processing (ELP) to understand the context of the user’s request from an enterprise standpoint. This means that Ayehu together with Bold360ai’s bot understands the meaning of user requests in the context of your enterprise’s applications and services.
  • The Ayehu workflow triggered by the bot then begins executing and fulfilling whatever tasks the user requested, making use of whatever integrations on the backend might be needed, i.e. ServiceNow, JIRA, Zendesk,, Cherwell, and many, many other platforms.
  • Finally, the user receives a confirmation that their request has been carried out and that the task is complete.

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Ayehu NG

[Webinar] Create a Self-Driving Service Desk with Bold360ai and Ayehu's NG Platform

  • With Ayehu NG and Bold360ai, you can:
  • Deflect all calls and tickets to a Digital Self Service Channel and Automation
  • Enforce and empower employees to start any resolution journey with self-service
  • Employees spend less time waiting for their issues to be resolved
  • Cost-per-ticket decreases significantly

Sample Use Cases

You request -> Bold360ai understands -> Ayehu executes

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