CA Spectrum Integration

Ayehu’s integration pack for CA Spectrum provides the ability to capture the alerts generated by CA Spectrum, filter and aggregate the alerts, then trigger a specific workflow in response!

About the integration

  • Ayehu integration with CA Spectrum provides a closed loop process for IT management and automation. Manage incidents and alerts, receive and update data from CA Spectrum, and remediate IT processes automatically without the need for human intervention.

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu NG

  • A sample incident flow when CA Spectrum is integrated with Ayehu:
  • CA Spectrum detects a network connectivity failure
  • The alert is pulled by Ayehu, which launches a predefined workflow specific for network connectivity failures
  • The Ayehu workflow starts executing the relevant activities in the workflow to troubleshoot and resolve the incident.
  • Ayehu clears the alert from CA Spectrum
  • The Ayehu integration with CA Spectrum consists the following activities:
  • CAS ACKNOWLEDGE ALERT – Take ownership in CA Spectrum on this alert. Usually this activity will be among the first activities in the workflow that communicates with CA Spectrum
  • CAS UNACKNOWLEDGE ALERT – Release the ownership in CA Spectrum on this alert. Usually this activity will be used in case of error in the workflow or if the issue was not resolved
  • CAS SET MAINENANCE MODE – Set on the maintenance mode on specific server in CA Spectrum
  • CAS CANCEL MAINTENANCE MODE – Set off the maintenance mode on specific server in CA Spectrum
  • CAS CLEAR ALERT – Clear and remove the alert from CA Spectrum
  • CAS CREATE EVENT – Create an event in CA Spectrum that may result in an alert in CA Spectrum. You can use this activity if follow-up or new events should be created within CA Spectrum
  • CAS GET ALERT – Read the alert information from CA Spectrum
  • CAS UPDATE ALERT – Update the alert information in CA Spectrum

Sample Use Cases

The Ayehu integration pack for CA Spectrum is the perfect complementary solution for CA Spectrum,providing visibility and control over alerts,shortened response time to incident resolution, and quality documentation 24/7 without any human intervention

Ayehu doesn’t just have the ability to respond to CA Spectrum alerts, it also has the ability to create ‘events’ in CA Spectrum in response to a glitch discovered during routine IT processing

‘Decision points’ can be embedded within workflows to pause execution and send status notifications via SMS, IM, and email. The response chosen by the human decision maker then determines what action the workflow branches to next

Ayehu can run workflows based on pre-determined policy-based rules, defined for particular types of incidents. Ayehu updates the incident while running to close it successfully or, to cancel its treatment and return it to system administrator management

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