CA Spectrum Integration

Ayehu’s integration pack for CA Spectrum provides the ability to capture the alerts generated by CA Spectrum, filter and aggregate the alerts, then trigger a specific workflow in response!

About the integration

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Sample Use Cases

The Ayehu integration pack for CA Spectrum is the perfect complementary solution for CA Spectrum,providing visibility and control over alerts,shortened response time to incident resolution, and quality documentation 24/7 without any human intervention

Ayehu doesn’t just have the ability to respond to CA Spectrum alerts, it also has the ability to create ‘events’ in CA Spectrum in response to a glitch discovered during routine IT processing

‘Decision points’ can be embedded within workflows to pause execution and send status notifications via SMS, IM, and email. The response chosen by the human decision maker then determines what action the workflow branches to next

Ayehu can run workflows based on pre-determined policy-based rules, defined for particular types of incidents. Ayehu updates the incident while running to close it successfully or, to cancel its treatment and return it to system administrator management

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