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Create automated processes in minutes to accelerate incident response and resolution!

Create your automated processes in minutes

  • Organizations previously unable to run cloud-based IT process automation due to security concerns now have a better alternative. With Ayehu, manual data entry and tedious service desk procedures, are replaced by closed-loop workflows that automate incident management, freeing up your personnel for more important tasks.
  • Ayehu NG software can be installed on-premise or reside in the cloud, seamlessly connecting with Cherwell. Its agent-less architecture allows IT professionals to execute tasks over physical, virtual, and cloud environments.
  • Ayehu NG extends Cherwell solution capabilities. Instead of manual repetitive tasks and lengthy service desk procedures, now you can create automated workflows in minutes that accelerate incident response and resolution!

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Ayehu NG

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  • Cherwell -> Ayehu
  • Any Cherwell records requiring action within Ayehu are forwarded by leveraging Cherwell One Step Actions, where a Cherwell administrator setups up the rule to monitor the appropriate form
  • Once the rule conditions are met (example: All critical incidents) the Cherwell One Step Action will execute the Ayehu CMD and forward the message to the Ayehu Server
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Install Ayehu CMD on Cherwell Servers
  • Create Cherwell One Step Actions
  • Ayehu -> Cherwell
  • For any steps that require creating, querying, or updating a Cherwell Record we use standard Ayehu web activities to communicate with the Cherwell Web Services API (SOAP or REST)
  • Each process will first require executing the Cherwell Login API command to generate a login cookie, which is then added in the header for any additional HTTPS commands executed by Ayehu
  • Pre-requisite:
  • Cherwell user account with appropriate access
  • Use Ayehu HTTP POST Advance activity (allows assigning headers)

Sample Use Cases

Automatically open, update, close tickets, and query tables in Cherwell

Leverage two-way SMS and email for event notifications and escalations

Enforce problem and change management procedures such as ticket status changes and the additions of CMDB entries


Accelerate the reporting, escalation, and resolution of incidents

Eliminate manual work and human errors
Ensure fully documented end-to-end processes
Easily tailor and customize integration with Cherwell to your needs  

Reduce the amount of “noise” at the service desk

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