HP Service Manager Integration

With Ayehu for HP SM you can send, retrieve, and query tickets, as well as create, delete, or update tickets!

About the integration

  • Ayehu’s agent-less architecture allows you to automate alerts, ticket resolution, and ticket closure within HP SM. Instead of manual data entry and long service desk procedures, you can now create a closed-loop automated process that accelerates incident management and resolution, and executes tasks across systems and environments via standard secured protocols.
  • By combining Ayehu’s IT Process Automation capabilities to deliver actionable information and workflows with HP Service Manager, you can accelerate responses to tickets and create response actions (IT process workflows) to any incident or ticket request that arise across your organization.

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu NG

The integration of Ayehu IT process automation and HP Service Manager (HPSM) enables you to create, update and monitor tickets in HP Service Manager, without any installation or changes to your HP SM server configurations.

  • Available actions in Ayehu Integration Pack for HP Service Manager:
  • New Record – this activity will generate a new ticket in HP SM
  • Close Record – this activity will close the specified ticket in HP SM
  • Update Record – this activity will update any allowed field provided in the HP SM ticket
  • Query Record – this activity will return a list of filtered tickets

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