HPE ArcSight Integration

Create automated processes in minutes that accelerate incident response and resolution!

About the integration

  • Ayehu is an automation & orchestration solution integrated with HPE ArcSight that accelerates security incident resolution and mitigates financial losses caused by security breaches. Instead of manual repetitive tasks and lengthy service desk procedures, now you can create automated processes in minutes that accelerate incident response and resolution.

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How it Works:

  • With Ayehu, an IT organization using HPE ArcSight can automate security playbooks for numerous scenarios – thus maximizing response speed, reducing (or eliminating) human errors, and ensuring proper documentation and notifications.
  • Ayehu can also automate the data enrichment process surrounding an incident. By collecting relevant information faster about the context of an incident, which often must be integrated and correlated from multiple disparate systems, analysts can more quickly determine if the incident is a legitimate attack or just a false positive.
  • One of the worst-kept secrets of the IT security industry is that SOCs are rarely manned around the clock with their top security experts. In fact, they’re often not manned around the clock at all. Thanks to Ayehu though, IT organizations that use HPE ArcSight can ensure 24/7/365 coverage and a best practice response to every cyber security incident no matter who’s on duty any time of day.
  • Ayehu also enables an IT organization using HPE ArcSight to better prepare themselves against the threat landscape by simulating and testing multiple scenarios in advance of an attack, thus validating playbooks, and confirming team members are ready for the real thing. Finally, Ayehu automation improves containment, eradication, recovery from an attack, by mitigating the scope of damage from the breach, and returning systems to an operational state as rapidly as possible.

Sample Use Cases

Simple integration with HPE ArcSight that can be activated in minutes


500+ pre-built activities and 150+ pre-built workflow & playbook templates  

The ability to easily orchestrate & execute very sophisticated automated workflows & playbooks


A real-time event management dashboard console that provides a single pane of glass for visibility into workflow & playbook execution, as well as a flexible report creation capability  

An advanced communication & human intervention capability that always ensures a security analyst is in full control of any automated process

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