JIRA Service Desk Integration

The Ayehu IT process automation integration with JIRA Service Desk allows users to automate IT tasks and workflows directly within the JIRA platform!

About the integration

  • Instead of doing manual data entries and repetitive procedures in JIRA, you can create closed-loop process workflows that accelerate your work in JIRA.
  • With this seamless integration, instead of performing manual, repetitive help desk duties, JIRA users can now create closed-loop process workflows that accelerate, enhance and extend the capabilities of the popular help desk tool.
  • Whether it’s being leveraged in the development department, testing department or in managing tickets within the Help Desk group, the most common challenge JIRA Service Desk customers face is inadequate or complete lack of automation. This can have a significant negative impact on productivity and efficiency levels, both within the IT department as well as at the end-user level.

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  • The JIRA Help Desk integration lets you:
  • Accelerate and streamline the task management process.
  • Reduce human errors and costly consequences associated with such errors.
  • Ensure full documentation of complete end-to-end processes for compliance purposes.
  • Easily tailor and customize the integration with JIRA Help Desk based on your organization’s unique needs and pain points.
  • Available actions in Ayehu for JIRA Help Desk integration lets you:
  • Automatically open tickets based on notification from other applications
  • Update ticket information in JIRA Service Desk with the corresponding action performed by the operator
  • Notify appropriate parties (via email, SMS or voice message) about new critical tickets
  • Automatically close tickets upon completion of the task at hand

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