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Defeat Ransomware and Ward Off Extortionists with Ayehu and LightCyber

About the connector

  • With ransomware on the rise, and a new attack making headlines each week, it’s not a question of if but when it will happen to your organization. Attackers are becoming more sophisticated through the multitude of potential delivery methods from email to malvertising, to new malware strains generated daily, as well as browser-based automatic file encryption.
  • The Ayehu IT automation platform provides seamless interoperability with LightCyber, a leading provider of behavioral attack detection solutions, for accelerated cybersecurity incident response and effective mitigation of ransomware threats.

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How it Works:

  • Ayehu workflows execute 24x7x365, handling ransomware threats by isolating a damaged machine from the network, killing suspicious processes and running anti-virus engines while simultaneously gathering input from the security analyst or technician on duty.
  • Ayehu and LightCyber provide an automated, closed-loop solution to quickly and easily automate security policy playbooks executed in response to alerts generated in LightCyber.

Sample Use Cases

Realize improved cybersecurity incident detection and response
Increase efficiencies by automating routine security-related tasks, allowing SOC analysts to focus on truly critical incidents

Reduce incident response time by up to 90% with
 pre-built templates and playbooks

Enable rapid containment, remediation and recovery from cybersecurity attacks

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