Microsoft Teams Integration

Create your own Intelligent Chatbot in minutes!


  • The MS-Teams integration allows for maximum end-user flexibility and control. Instead of opening a Help Desk ticket and waiting for a response, instantly address your needs by chatting with the Ayehu Operator in MS-Teams
  • Simply type in your request – from resetting a password, to gaining document access, to checking the status of an existing ticket – and we’ll recognize and understand your request, process it accordingly, and return a response within seconds.
  • Useful for end-users who no longer need to wait for the Help Desk to respond to their requests. Useful for Help Desk by alleviating many of the Tier 1 support calls that take up the majority of their time. Useful for IT management because it frees up their resources to work on more complex problems, and introduces a high degree of streamlining and efficiency to their every day process.


How to easily perform account unlocks and token replacement with Ayehu and MS-Teams, a fully automated process with no IT staff involved

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Pandemic-Proof Your Service Desk With Automation for MS-Teams

Sample Use Cases

Have an issue? Just type "Hi" and get started:

I need to reset my Salesforce password

Please check the status of ticket

How much space is left on my C drive,
and can you clean it up for me?

Server AMS53 is down, please restart it now
I can’t get into my email, what do I do?

I got a strange email and clicked
on the link, 
is that a problem?

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