NetApp Integration

Ayehu can be fully integrated with NetApp, allowing users to automate IT tasks and workflows directly within the platform!

About the integration

  • Ayehu is a lightweight, powerful IT process automation solution designed to automate manual IT security tasks and workflows across physical, virtual and cloud-based systems via a simple-to-use drag-and-drop designer. Ayehu can now be fully integrated with NetApp, allowing users to automate IT tasks and workflows directly within the platform.
  • NetApp data protection software is designed to safeguard data faster and more cost effectively. It helps align your IT requirements with your overall strategic business goals. The module provides users with the ability to manage the entire NetApp environment. Ayehu supports ONTAP Cloud.

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Ayehu NG

  • Ayehu may perform a variety of actions on NetApp objects such as:
  • Igroup
  • NetApp Add Igroup Initiator – This activity adds an initiator to an Igroup
  • NetApp Create Igroup – This activity creates a new Igroup
  • NetApp Delete Igroup – This activity deletes an Igroup
  • NetApp Remove Igroup Initiator – This activity removes a node from an Igroup
  • Snapmirror
  • NetApp Create Snapmirror – This activity creates a SnapMirror relationship between a source volume and a destination volume
  • NetApp Initialize Snapmirror – This activity initializes a new Snapmirror
  • NetApp Break Snapmirror – This activity breaks a Snapmirror relationship by turning a snapmirrored destination into a normal read/write volume or qtree
  • NetApp Resync Snapmirror – This activity resynchronizes a broken-off destination to its former source, putting the destination in a snapmirrored state and making it ready for update transfers
  • Volume
  • NetApp Clone Volume – This activity clones a volume
  • NetApp Create Basic Volume – This activity creates a new volume
  • NetApp Resize Volume – This activity sets an existing volume’s size
  • Policy
  • NetApp Create Export Policy – This activity creates a new export policy on a targeted SVM
  • NetApp Create Export Rule – This activity creates a new export rule
  • Lun
  • NetApp Create Lun – This activity creates a new Lun of given size, with zero contents
  • NetApp Map Lun – This activity maps a Lun to an Igroup
  • General
  • NetApp Get Object – This activity gets a list of objects of the selected type according to the specified criteria. It returns a result set of all matching objects
  • NetApp Run Command Line – This activity executes any NetApp Command Line. It returns the command’s output
  • In addition, there are 7 templates of pre-defined workflows which are available to use:
  • Break Snapmirror – Breaking a Snapmirror relationship based on a given destination volume and Vserver
  • Clone Volume – Cloning a volume based on a provided snapshot
  • Create Snapmirror Relationship – Creating a Snapmirror Relationship based on a given source volume, Vserver and cluster
  • Create Volume with multiple LUNs – Creating a volume with the requested number of LUNs. The volume size will be determined by the sum of all LUNs’ sizes
  • Create Volume with NFS Access – Creating an export policy with a volume and a rule and assigns the volume the new policy
  • Map all volume’s LUNs to an iGroup – Mapping all volume’s LUNs to a specified iGroup
  • Resize Cluster Capacity – Finding all volumes in a cluster with a free disk space capacity lower than the specified percentage, and resizes the volume to match the required capacity
  • With this seamless integration, instead of performing manual, repetitive data protection tasks, NetApp administrators can now create automatic processes either scheduled to prevent malfunction, or to report on current status, usage etc. or as a trigger to an event from NetApp or other monitoring tools. By automating these routine tasks, NetApp administrators can do more with less. Another benefits of having automation is the ability to tune the process and reduce false-positive or errors and having an audit trail of actions execution and the result.

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