Office 365 Integration

Extend the functionality of Office 365 with enterprise-grade automation by integrating with Ayehu NG

About the integration

  • By integrating with Ayehu NG, Office 365 transforms from a suite of productivity applications to an end-user gateway for intelligent automation workflows. Reduce support costs by empowering your users to perform self-service tasks from an interface they're already trained on and are familiar with.

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu NG

  • Email modules provides:
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Usage of Send Email and Advanced Communicate activities
  • Send to users and groups
  • Use message templates to send elaborated escalation and recovery messages

Sample Use Cases

Trigger a workflow with an email request. For example: a user can send an email such as “backup server SRV1” to trigger a workflow that will backup his server

Send a notification to a user or a group of users upon an incoming alert or any other information

Request human interference from a user during workflow execution: the user is presented with a few options and replies back in an email. The workflow continues based on the response

Incident Management process: create complicated escalations to users and groups using Advanced Communicate activity, the person that responds is assigned to the incident. All escalation participants get a recovery notification when the problem is solved

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