PagerDuty Connector

The Ayehu IT Process Automation connector for PagerDuty seamlessly integrates PagerDuty's 2-way notification technology into the Ayehu platform!

About the connector

  • The Ayehu IT Process Automation connector for PagerDuty seamlessly integrates PagerDuty’s 2-way notification technology into the Ayehu platform. The combination of IT process automation and two-way communication greatly improves response time and time to problem resolution. PagerDuty automates the process of identifying and contacting the appropriate resources, responses through PagerDuty can trigger Ayehu automation workflows.


  • Reduce resolution time of incidents by triggering automated remediation workflows in response to alerts from PagerDuty
  • Cut down on opex by removing manual labor from the loop - remediation can run completely unattended (or involve a human in the loop for approval of sensitive actions, if needed)


  • Bi-directional communications update the status of the incident in PagerDuty
  • All actions are logged in detail, providing a full audit trail of work performed​

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu NG


  • Incidents in Pager duty trigger execution of a workflow in Ayhu NG, which automatically remediates the incident, and updates PagerDuty with the status upon completion
  • Once the incident is remediated successfully, a resolve event is sent to thePagerDuty service to resolve the alert and associated incident on that service
  • The main workflow in Ayehu andles 3 types of events from Pager Duty:
  • If the event type is “incident.trigger” it will open a new internal incident withinAyehu NG. this incident should be setup to trigger a workflow to assist withremediation
  • If the event type is “incident.resolve” this will close the internal incident within Ayehu NG. if a policy action with a recovery workflow is setup, it will execute it
  • If the event type is “incident.custom” this will call a sub workflow associated with the “Action” chosen in the Pager Duty UI. Action name should match a workflow name.List Item
  • Ayehu
  • Pre-req:
  • A working instance of Ayheu NG 1.6 or later is required.
  • Ayehu NG Web service needs to be configured to enable receiving inbound events from Pager Duty (modify firewall rules as needed)
  • PagerDuty
  • Pre-req:
  • A PagerDuty account with an available Auth Token and Routing Key

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