PRTG Network Monitor Connector

Powerful Closed-Loop Network Management and IT Process Automation!

About the Connector

  • With the growing swarm of incoming alerts and events between typical IT monitoring and ITSM tools, it’s no surprise a significantly large volume of tickets never get properly closed. Further compounding the problem, IT operations teams are encumbered with disparate tools, systems, and applications ironically meant to help the business move faster and enable them to do more with less. In the end, these same systems sometimes end up hindering productivity by increasing manual tasks for their users.
  • Ayehu’s integration with PRTG Network Monitor is accomplished via PRTG’s API. The bi-directional connection enables IT operations to automate cross-platform IT tasks in an easy and intuitive way, without coding. Ayehu intercepts alerts from PRTG, which triggers an automated workflow, including validation, troubleshooting, and remediation of incidents for full, closed-loop process automation.

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Ayehu NG

[Solution Brief]
Ayehu with PRTG

How it Works:

  • Ayehu’s automated workflows can be triggered by alerts received from PRTG Network Monitor. Upon successful process execution, events are sent back from Ayehu to PRTG to close the loop and update the status. IT operations teams can automatically remediate network problems using remote execution tasks, which are built into the Ayehu workflows. Ultimately, IT ops teams can significantly reduce noise and false positives to focus on truly critical alerts.

Sample Use Cases

Automate alert capture for quick response

Reduce resolution time of
network and system alerts

Automate alert notification and
escalation via email, SMS, and phone

Take responsibility and
automatically troubleshoot (triage)

Build strong links between ITIL
 incident and problem management processes

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