Slack Chatbot Registration

Add Ayehu NG Chatbot to your workspace!

The Ayehu Slack Bot connects between your Slack workplace and your Ayehu NG environment, allowing seamless communication between the two. When the systems are connected you can use Slack to perform actions in Ayehu NG, allowing you to easily, intuitively, and quickly address many typical Help Desk requests.

Start the process by entering your Webhook URL below:

WebHook URL

The Webhook URL is the endpoint to which Slack messages will be sent so that they can be received by your Ayehu NG environment.

Example format: https://:/

  • Must start with HTTP:// or HTTPS://  ( Using an HTTP connection will send Slack messages as unencrypted )
  • Webhook URL must accessible to outside calls
  • Add a port
  • After the port you may add additional information (eg: AyehuAPI) to the address to define a unique path