VMRay Connector

Automated Malware Detection and Blocking!

About the Connector

  • Today’s datacenter—from on-premises to cloud—is inundated with a continuous flow of data moving in and out, unchecked. Organizations are challenged with arduous forensics and mitigation processes that involve a series of manual, repetitive checks to the system, increasing the potential for human errors that produce catastrophic results.
  • Ayehu, the IT automation and security orchestration platform, integrates with VMRay Analyzer, the hypervisor-based threat analysis and detection solution, to help organizations block malware across their datacenters and applications in an automated way.

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Ayehu NG

How it Works:

  • Ayehu and VMRay Analyzer work in tandem through the connector to detect, isolate and block malware from the datacenter. Leveraging Ayehu’s intelligent decision-support embedded within the platform, you can quickly set up automated security playbooks between Ayehu and VMRay.

Sample Use Cases

Effectively pinpoint and isolate malware before it spreads
Significantly increase incident detection, while effectively filtering out noise

Mitigate risk from a compromised device
through automatic quarantine

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