VMware vSphere Integration

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VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere Actions:

Activity Name
Clone an existing VM to a new VM
Create a new VM with the selected parameters
Delete an existing VM
Check the existence of a VM on a specific server (ESX or vCenter)
Get the properties of a VM
Power on a VM
Get the current power state of a VM
Enter a VM host to maintenance mode
Get a list of all VM hosts in the vCenter
List all existing snapshots of a specified VM

VMware vSphere Templates:

Template Name


Virtual Machine Provisioning

This workflow template allows you to provision a VM based on a pre-defined VM profile. You can trigger this workflow from an email or ticket request from your SD tool.

Automate VMware snapshot

This template reads a list of servers from an Excel file, and creates a snapshot for each VM. It is very useful, for instance, before a maintenance procedure or a mass software installation.

Delete old snapshots

This template retrieves a list of virtual machines, while deleting snapshots older than 30 days on each machine. It can be used to maintain your virtual environment on a regular basis.

Delete specific snapshot on a list of virtual machines

This template reads a list of servers from an Excel file, and deletes a specific snapshot on each machine. This workflow can be used, for example, to delete a snapshot that was taken before an upgrade across your virtual environment.

Power on list of virtual machines

This template reads a list of servers from an Excel file and powers on each server. When the procedure is complete, it waits 5 minutes and confirms that all servers are up. In the event that a number of them are still down, it will send an alert to an admin by email. This workflow is a great way to power on your environment after a maintenance procedure that requires shutdown.


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