Want to Smoke Your Competition? Here’s How.

intelligent automation to smoke the competition

According to a recent report from Deloitte, the number of organizations deploying intelligent automation at scale has nearly doubled since 2019. Yet, despite this promising number, the survey also revealed that only 26% of respondents are actually piloting while just 38% of those implementing and scaling have an enterprise-wide intelligent automation strategy.

What do these numbers mean for your business? Well, for one thing, they provide insight into the opportunity that exists to gain competitive advantage. In fact, there’s a good chance some or even most of your competitors are lagging in the area of intelligent automation adoption.

Let’s take a look at four specific ways businesses can leverage intelligent automation to develop a digital transformation strategy to leave their competitors in the dust.

Boost current business performance without disrupting operations.

One of the many reasons decision-makers tend to shy away from newer technologies is the fear that the perceived complexities – particularly of advanced capabilities like AI and machine learning – will result in substantial disruption to day-to-day operations and the impact it could potentially have.  

This has become increasingly challenging in the wake of the current health crisis. An interruption to critical business processes and workflows is a risk most organizations feel they simply cannot afford.  

The good news, with an intelligent automation platform that offers seamless integration points, businesses can easily introduce and apply AI capabilities to existing tasks and workflows without causing any delays or disruptions.

So, while your competitors are focused on maintaining “business as usual”, automation can help your organization significantly improve operations without sacrificing a second of productivity.

Get the most out of human resources.

In today’s competitive landscape, maintaining a workforce of dedicated, creative and strategic individuals is one of the keys to success. Despite popular belief, intelligent automation isn’t designed to replace and/or eliminate human workers, but rather to enhance their capabilities.

While there’s no question that some rote tasks can and should be transitioned from human to machine, AI-based technologies represent a golden opportunity for human workers to deliver even more business value. That’s because intelligent automation frees employees from the routine, repetitive and mundane tasks and enables them to focus on work that is more strategic and therefore more rewarding.

By deploying intelligent automation within your organization, you will essentially improve the morale of your employees, which will in turn generate a stronger sense of loyalty, thereby improving retention levels. Meanwhile, by transitioning the routine, repetitive tasks to robots, you’ll simultaneously improve efficiency, boost output and eliminate costly human error, making your organization much more competitive.

Leverage data for more strategic decision-making.

Businesses today have access to more data than they ever have in the past. With the right tools and strategy, that data can be transformed into valuable business insights that support more informed decision-making. It can also accelerate and improve the detection and mitigation of risk.

Leveraging AI-based intelligent automation technology enables forward-thinking organizations to capture and integrate valuable data into existing process management tools. Unstructured data can then be automatically and strategically interpreted, optimized and translated into user-friendly information.

Not only does intelligent automation unlock relevant, useful insight that can be used to make better decisions, but also continue to evolve and enhance its outputs with each and every interaction.

So, while your competitors are relying on guesswork and flawed human analysis to prepare for the future, your organization will be driven forward by much more reliable, data-driven forecasts.

Automate while beefing up security.

The idea of incorporating new technologies into an existing infrastructure is often accompanied by a fear of increased risk and vulnerability. Obviously, when it comes to sensitive and/or proprietary corporate data, security should always be a top priority.

Thankfully, there are ways to deploy intelligent automation while maintaining maximum security of underlying systems, and that is to leverage a low-code/no-code, plug-and-play solution. Because this technology interacts with data and system features the same way human workers do, there is far less risk of breach.

This means organizations can enjoy the full benefits of automation, such as boosting productivity, maximizing efficiency, cutting costs and more, without interfering with existing data protection protocols.

Furthermore, with the right solution, intelligent automation has the ability to enable organizations to fortify their security postures while simultaneously using the same sophisticated technologies as cybercriminals to essentially “fight fire with fire.”

Keep in mind that the four benefits listed above really only just scratch the surface. Intelligent automation, powered by innovative technologies like AI and machine learning, can enable your organization to achieve true digital transformation, optimize digital and human resources, adapt to market changes and ultimately become much more agile than your competitors.

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