Deliver intelligent IT ops services via virtual support agents

Intelligent Chatbots enable enterprises to serve their end-users with zero touch, leveraging 24/7 self-service NLP chatbots

Ayehu: “best-in-class” Automation Platform For Chatbots ​

McKinsey&Company recently (Feb 2019) defined “best-in-class solution” when selecting the right platform for IT automation (with both simple and more complex problem-resolution capabilities) as “end-user-targeted platforms that include predesigned integration with existing systems, and libraries of IT bots that can be configured by end users for ease of use.”

Ayheu integrates out of the box with many intelligent chatbots and AI-powered NLP/NLU systems including:

*McKinsey&Company (Feb 2019)

Angie is an artificial intelligent virtual support agent developed by Ayehu.
Angie is powered by the Ayehu Next Generation Automation and Orchestration platform,
leveraging IBM Watson and Alexa to drive intelligent conversations, that lead to fully
automated actions and resolutions.

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