How to Keep the Lights on When “Work from Home” Isn’t an Option

How to Keep the Lights on When “Work from Home” Isn’t an Option

There’s been a lot of buzz around the topic of work from home and the importance of having a business continuity plan in place, particularly in light of recent events. For many organizations, making the transition to remote work is relatively easy. For others, however, such as those with employees in developing countries who don’t have access to computers or internet connectivity at home, it’s simply not a feasible option. Intelligent IT process automation can provide a viable solution, effectively “keeping the lights on” by augmenting the human workforce. Here’s how.

Implementing the right intelligent IT process automation platform empowers businesses to continue operations, even when human operators are unavailable.

In fact, automation can be used to handle a wide variety of different tasks and workflows, many of which are complex and multi-faceted. Here are just a few real-world examples of how ITPA can be leveraged during a staffing shortage:

Each of these actions can be automated to be carried out with zero human intervention. Or, if greater control and oversight is preferred, can be set up to loop in human decision-makers.

And it’s not just the ability to facilitate staff absences that organizations stand to gain by adopting intelligent process automation. There are a number of additional tangible and intangible benefits to consider. For instance, ITPA has been shown to help MSPs boost their profit margins by as much as 35%!

Perhaps best of all, however, is that businesses can be up-and-running and fully functioning with automation in just one single hour. For organizations in crisis, this can be the lifeline that prevents the ship from going down.

If your company has been hit hard over the past several weeks and you are concerned about significant potential business disruption due to lack of available talent, we are here to tell you that there’s no need to panic. Intelligent IT process automation can become not just a means of survival, but a force multiplier, helping you weather any storm and eventually emerge on the other side stronger and more stable than ever before.

Don’t wait. Start your free trial of Ayehu NG today and give your organization the solid foundation it needs to achieve continued success, no matter the circumstances.

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