IT Directors! How to Keep Your Top IT Talent from Burning Out

IT Directors! How to Keep Your Top IT Talent from Burning OutThe IT field is a stressful one. Between the constant demand to do more with less, ongoing changes and upgrades to technology and the stiff competition, it’s no surprise that IT professionals are feeling overwhelmed. So much so that according to a recent survey conducted by GFI Software, 79% of IT administrators are ready to quit their jobs due to stress. So with the climate of the industry not set to change anytime soon, how can these professionals find the relief they need to push on in their careers?

Believe it or not, there are plenty of things an organization can do to relieve much of the heavy burden from the backs of their IT personnel. Here’s how:

Provide realistic budgets.

Every business professional understands that there are certain financial limitations that must be worked within – particularly when it comes to IT. Management must understand that while there are certainly areas where costs can be cut, there are others that require a realistic budget to work within. Investing in the right type of technology can help with this, because it can shift some of the burden from personnel to computers through IT automation, allowing IT professionals to successfully meet the increasing demands that are being placed on them without increasing costs.

Monitor staffing needs.

How many IT professionals do you need to successfully support your organization? Can you do more with fewer people? Sure. But if you trim too much off your staffing allowance, you’ll most definitely end up with a bunch of frustrated, overworked and burned out workers. You must realistically evaluate your needs and accommodate your team so that there is adequate support and balance. Again, IT automation is a powerful tool to help manage staffing needs because it can eliminate many of the manual day to day tasks, reducing the need for additional employees and arming existing employees with the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently.

Provide the right tools.

We’ve already pointed out in both previous points how important technology is in managing your IT department and keeping everyone happy. You simply cannot accomplish this without the right tools in place. Not only will your IT team become frustrated by the roadblocks they encounter and extra work they’re required to do without adequate technology, but they will most certainly be looking elsewhere for work. Remember, good talent can be difficult to find and even harder to retain, so make sure you’re providing your team with everything they need to do their jobs efficiently.

Encourage growth and self-improvement.

Few people begin a job with the goal of never moving up or bettering themselves. There is so much opportunity out there for talented IT professionals, and they want to learn, grow and improve themselves. Forward-thinking organizations recognize this desire and foster it as much as possible. When there’s something to work toward – a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak – it can make it easier to push forward and not become overwhelmed by the present. Provide opportunities for training and continuing education. As a result, your team will become even more skilled, and you’ll be the one benefiting from it.

Implement self-service options.

This may be one of the easiest and most straightforward solutions to preventing IT administrator burnout, yet many businesses still have not availed themselves of this option. Instead of having the IT department in charge of every little task that arises throughout the day, you can use IT automation to allow end users to independently resolve problems without assistance of the IT helpdesk. For instance, password resets and system restarts can be taken care of without the need for anyone from IT stepping in. This greatly alleviates many time consuming manual tasks IT professionals face and makes their lives that much easier.

Of course, the overarching theme throughout this article is how technology – specifically IT automation – can help IT professionals achieve better balance and reduce their stress levels. It’s important to point out that the right product must be used if this is to be successful. Without the proper research, you could end up with a complex, difficult to use tool that ends up creating more work for IT admins.

The goal is to choose a product that is affordable, flexible, easy to implement, fully configured, simple to use and compatible with other operating systems. If you put a tool like that into place, you’ll have a much better chance of keeping your IT professionals happy and healthy, and keeping them onboard for many years to come.

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