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Please join our Webinar – How to Increase Automation Effectiveness Using A Dynamic Workflow Framework – January 20th, 2021, 11am PT / 2pm ET

Please join us on Wednesday January 20th as we explore the concept of Dynamic Workflows with Cognizant’s Amar Alwani, recent finalist in Ayehu’s 1st Annual Intelligent Automation Hackathon. Amar will provide an overview of his innovative solution that leverages a dynamic framework and a simple Excel spreadsheet to create workflows at runtime.

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Intelligent Automation Radio

Episode #56: How Intelligent Automation Will Empower People, Transform Organizations, & Improve Our World – Pascal Bornet

Pascal talks about the monumental work he and his co-writers recently completed. Our discussion ends up revealing how automation raises the importance of the employee experience to the same level as the client experience, the key to getting middle management on board supporting a digital transformation, and the three most important metrics which best capture the effectiveness of automation to an enterprise.

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