IT Process Automation Engineer wanted – 5 skills needed

How to Be More Proactive with Your Cyber Security Incident ResponseEveryone talks about the changes in the IT world – the increased complexity, the pressures to improve efficiency, and the need for tighter links between IT and business. But how does this influence your IT personnel and skill set requirements? Obviously, there’s a need for IT professionals with backgrounds in data center operations, systems integration, virtualization etc. Yet the demand for closer links between IT technologists and business operations implies new skills. Particularly with IT process automation becoming an essential element, IT engineers need new skills beyond familiarity with technologies. If in the past requirements focused solely on technical expertise and you were only looking for scripting wizards and troubleshooting superheroes – then today your IT group needs a much wider set of abilities. You need IT Process Automation Engineers who are able to understand the needs and processes of the business, translate those needs into IT activities, and prioritize and implement them in the most productive way. So what are the additional skills an IT process automation engineer needs? Here are 5 of the top ones in our view.

  1. Business perspective. A business/financial state of mind that enables considering and applying non-technical data inputs. For instance, figuring out key KPI’s affecting the IT project,  measuring return on investment (ROI), and optimizing an IT project implementation to achieve financial goals.
  2. Process analysis. The ability to define and implement processes such as incident management, change management, operations, information security, business continuity & disaster recovery, and business service management.
  3. IT Project management. Skilled project manager who can not only oversee and monitor projects, but also identify business users’ needs and translate them into IT requirements. IT engineers that can clearly justify how a business may increase its staff productivity and efficiency using different processes and tools.
  4. Process Implementation. The new IT process automation engineer has to be able to understand end-to-end processes, have a wide understanding of workflows and the ability to create them in an automated environment.
  5. Interpersonal skills. The need for stronger communication with business managers requires interpersonal skills – the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people outside the IT domain, understanding business peoples’ needs, concerns and different point of view, and that rare ability to negotiate and make compromises – on both sides.

What are the skills you think are required from IT Process Automation engineers?

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