IT Process Automation is the Way of the Future – Don’t Get Left Behind!

IT Process Automation is the Way of the FutureLet’s face it. IT Process Automation is not going away. In fact, with industry forecasts predicting IT spend to increase to $258 billion over the next 7 years, it’s only getting bigger. Add to this the ever improving and evolving technologies, and the incredible benefits automation can have on businesses of every size and it becomes abundantly clear that automation is here to stay. So what does this mean for IT professionals? How will the increasing utilization of IT Process Automation technology affect performance, job security and their future success?

Automator vs. Automated

The very thought of increased automation makes many technologists and IT professionals nervous, wondering if their jobs are slowly being replaced by software and programs. This is nothing new, as technological advancements have long been viewed by many as a threat to the human workforce. Those that survive and thrive are the ones that learn to adapt and embrace the changes as they come. Rather than fight the inevitable – that automation is going to increasingly be used to drive business growth – IT professionals must learn to ride the wave and become an automators. Otherwise, they will become automated.

The Best of Both Worlds

Before you panic, pack up your desk and head to the unemployment line it’s important to remember that the data center is not going away. It’s the way these operations are run that will change. As we move forward into the future, traditional IT infrastructure will begin to merge with cloud technologies. As this happens, some jobs will inevitably become obsolete. However, several new and exciting roles will begin to emerge. In order to remain marketable, IT professionals will have to develop new skills and become more versatile and well-rounded.

There’s Plenty of Opportunity

As mentioned previously, the increasing use of IT Process Automation to drive business growth will undoubtedly create several new opportunities for IT professionals. What it all comes down to is perspective and the desire to evolve along with the changing times. For instance, with IT automation in such high demand, automation architects will be needed to help design and configure the behind-the-scenes technology. And with the emergence of more third party vendors and suppliers within the marketplace, there will be an increased need for dedicated managers to monitor and facilitate those relationships. So, while it is inevitable that the need for some IT positions will dwindle, there will be ample opportunity in other areas for those that are willing to change.

When the automotive industry began shifting from basic mechanical parts to high-tech computer engines and electric cars, mechanics that did not adapt found themselves left behind. Meanwhile, those who developed knowledge and new skills to accommodate the changing needs of vehicle owners remained successful.  Like it or not, the way of the future for IT includes automation. Rather than viewing this transition as a threat, technologists and IT professionals should instead learn to embrace and adapt to these changes, and become a part of this exciting industry transformation.

IT Process Automation is the Way of the Future – Don’t Get Left Behind!

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