IT Process Automation Super Hero of the Month – Salo Pomerantz of BDI-COFACE

BDI-COFACEAyehu Software, industry leader in the development and marketing of enterprise-class IT Process Automation solutions has announced the most recent recipient of its Super Hero of the Month Award. This month, the company has chosen Salo Pomerantz of BDI-COFACE because of the way he has leveraged IT process automation to maximize resources and improve the efficiency of both his team and his organization as a whole.

In his role as Infrastructure Manager, Salo is tasked with managing his team to be able to deliver the highest service levels, which means finding ways to become as efficient and effective as possible. Salo noticed that his team members were consistently being bogged down with time consuming and repetitive tasks, such as daily IT checks, DRP tasks, active directory maintenance and asset mapping. He knew he had to find a way to streamline these tasks so that his team could focus on more important business matters.

BDI-COFACE implemented eyeShare in an attempt to resolve many of the issues the infrastructure team had been facing. They began by automating date and time checks, unlocking of AD users and system checks. With the success of these tasks, Salo then moved on to also automate daily checks and asset mapping. The results have been astounding. The group is now saving a tremendous amount of time, which has allowed them to better allocate resources. They’re even able to take preventative measures to stay ahead of the curve and catch potential problems before they even occur.

“Implementing eyeShare has been a huge benefit for our department and our organization as a whole, because it makes us so much more efficient,” comments Salo. “Right off the bat we were able to realize a time savings because we were no longer wasting our time on daily tasks that could be automated. I especially appreciate how easy to use the eyeShare software is, and what a smooth, friendly interface it offers. We’re still in the process of automating new workflows as they arise – it’s an ongoing process and we’re really excited about it!”

The Super Hero of the Month award was created by Ayehu Software as a way to recognize those hard-working industry players that see the value of automation and are leveraging this powerful tool to catapult their organizations toward ongoing and future success. Anyone that uses the eyeShare product on a day to day basis can be eligible to receive this award.


BDI-COFACE is the largest business information group in Israel. They offer the most diversified business information services under one roof. The company and its subsidiaries offer a wide range of products and services within the field of business information: credit reports, market surveys, business plans, venture finding, project management, information systems, economic and feasibility studies, management consulting, and product surveys. For more information, visit

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