How a Large International Shipping Company Reduced Employee Onboarding Time by 90%

How a Large International Shipping Company Reduced Employee Onboarding Time by 90%Recently, one of Ayehu’s customers – a large International shipping company, won an award in automation and infrastructure from a respected magazine in Israel named ‘People & Computers’. This recognition was given due in large part to the impressive reduction the company has been able to achieve on their employee onboarding process by simply shifting it from human to machine through automation.

The company’s director of IT, together with the company’s HR Project Manager, realized that each time they hired a new employee, more than a week of time was being wasted performing such necessary onboarding functions as opening an account and granting permissions and lack of synchronization between the CornerStone (a cloud HR system) and IT infrastructure on-prem. Similarly, every time an employee changed status, the same time would be required to process his or her permission changes as well.

They looked for a solution to reduce the time being wasted in performing this process, and ultimately chose Ayehu to automate it. Together with Ayehu, the IT team created a fully-automated process that handles this task in mere minutes, rather than the previously required week of manual work across multiple departments.

In general, the automated workflow they created performs the following steps:

  1. Import the users’ details to a CSV file from the Active Directory
  2. Compare the changes in the current details to last weeks’ details, using CornerStone (a cloud HR system) and IT infrastructure
  3. Update the new users and their permissions in Active Directory and several SQL databases
  4. Open and close permissions and send a report to IT team

This entire process is now handled automatically with zero human input, which has cut the process time down by an incredible 90%!

How much time is your company wasting on manual processes and workflows? More importantly, what could your people achieve if they were no longer bogged down by these tasks? Experience for yourself the same liberating time and cost-savings that more than 100 companies around the world has achieved. Click here to try Ayehu’s revolutionary automation and orchestration platform absolutely free for 30 days.

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