Meet Your Busiest Employee – The IT Process Automation Robot

Meet Your Busiest Employee - The IT Process Automation RobotImagine: you’re in an important company meeting and your boss announces who has been the busiest, most productive employee over the past month. Now, imagine if he completes that statement not with the name of y
ou or any of your co-workers, but instead uses the term IT Process Automation (ITPA). In other words, a robot. Can a robot really take the place as employee of the month? The answer is, yes. Here’s why.

It’s no secret that the IT department is continually being asked to do more with less. That is, be as productive and efficient as possible while limiting the number of resources it uses. So, IT professionals have to find a way to maximize output while also minimizing the time and costs associated with producing that output. With humans, this isn’t possible without either extending the hours worked or hiring additional staff, neither of which will achieve the goal of keeping expenditures down.

Another area of pressure IT professionals experience is that of customer satisfaction, both internally and externally. Service levels and other demands are increasing at a rapid rate, and if you can’t meet those demands effectively, you will lose your competitive advantage. In other words, your bottom line will suffer. Yet again, in order for human workers to achieve these goals is to either work more or hire additional team members.

Enter IT Process Automation, or the robot who can basically take on all the time consuming day to day tasks that the help desk currently handles. Whether it’s password resets, system monitoring, incident management or some other complex workflow, IT Process Automation can be leveraged for it all. As a result, the work will be completed faster, with fewer mistakes, driving productivity and efficiency up while also bringing costs down.

Many IT professionals erroneously view this so-called robot as a threat to their very livelihood. After all, if a machine can be used to do all these tasks, what’s the point of keeping humans on staff? Why not automate the entire operation? Well, for starters, many automated processes still require some type of human input. Secondly, while IT Process Automation may take some of the work away from humans, it will inevitably free those humans up to apply their skills to more complex and important business matters. So, it’s not a replacement, but rather a shift in responsibility. As such, it should be embraced rather than feared.

So, when the big boss stands up and hails IT Process Automation as the company’s busiest employee, that doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for the people who work there. As long as automation is leveraged properly and viewed as the powerful and innovative tool it truly is, its role as employee of the month (or decade) is something that will drive the ongoing success of the company and make the jobs of human workers much easier.

You can make IT Process Automation your star employee!

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