Why Monitoring Tools Aren’t Enough to Prevent Cybersecurity Breaches

Why Monitoring Tools Aren’t Enough to Prevent Cybersecurity BreachesThere are literally millions upon millions of attempted cyber-attacks being executed each and every day. Yet, many organizations are still only employing the bare minimum in cybersecurity protection – monitoring systems. While these programs may have once been sufficient in thwarting off potential breaches, they are no longer capable of adequately keeping businesses safe from harm. If you are among those companies relying solely on monitoring tools to safeguard your network and sensitive data, here are a few reasons you may want to reconsider.

First and foremost, the sheer volume of cyber threats has increased at a mind-boggling rate and all trends indicate this will only continue to get worse as time goes by. The fact is, today’s cyber criminals are becoming more relentless than ever before, which means organizations must remain on high alert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With the amount of incoming incidents on the rise, most monitoring tools simply cannot keep. As a result, legitimate threats have a better chance of pinpointing a company’s vulnerability and exploiting it.

In addition to the number of threats coming in on a daily basis, the complexity of these incidents is also evolving. Sure, there are still some relatively rudimentary type attacks crafted by amateur hackers, and modern monitoring systems are usually more than up to the task of handling these. It’s the multifarious and highly targeted threats (APTs) being instituted by sophisticated criminals that companies must be vigilant against, and unfortunately this is where most monitoring platforms fall short.

A combination of these two factors make it increasingly evident that in order to remain steadfastly secure against the relentless onslaught of complex cybersecurity attacks, IT teams must take additional measures. Short of employing an army of security professionals to work round the clock, something even the biggest, most successful organization cannot reasonably do, there is another, much more affordable, effective and feasible solution: automation.

Automated cybersecurity incident response allows companies to create a closed-loop process that incorporates the monitoring function with instant, advanced threat analysis and response. Once the two platforms are successfully integrated, any incident detected by the monitoring tool triggers an automated workflow that effectively evaluates the threat for legitimacy and then determines next steps based on the results of this analysis.

If the threat is real, the automation and orchestration platform then either takes the necessary steps to isolate and remediate on its own or escalates it to the appropriate party. Of course, it’s also important to recognize that even the strongest, most sophisticated IR strategies are not entirely fool-proof. This is another area where automated cybersecurity incident response is valuable. In those rare instances that a threat does, in fact, make its way passed the existing security measures, an automated platform can help get critical systems back and running faster.

Essentially, automated cybersecurity incident response becomes a force multiplier, supporting the monitoring process and taking it a step further to dramatically reduce the likelihood of a successful breach taking place. Best of all, this type of scenario eliminates the need to employ a large security team. And because this type of setup is always on, the organization remains as safe as possible any time, day or night.

In reality, the world of cyber-crime has changed and will continue to do so at a rapid pace. The monitoring tools and applications that were once enough to keep sensitive data safe are no longer adequate. Today’s IR requires a much greater degree of intricacy and the same level of advanced technology that the criminals behind these dangerous threats are using.

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