New Integration Capabilities Between Ayehu eyeShare and HP Service Manager

Author: Yaron Levy

HP Service Manager is a service desk product that enables IT professionals to work as a unified organization governed by a consistent set of processes that are put in place to help manage service delivery and support, both quickly and efficiently. It allows users to simplify and consolidate service management functions via a powerful, single point of contact for all core IT processes, including but not limited to incident management. Now you can enhance these already impressive features by integrating your HP Service Manager with Ayehu’s eyeShare product. Here’s how.

The seamless integration of eyeShare IT process automation with HP SM enables the user to create, update and monitor tickets right in HP Service Manager, without any installation or changes to the HP SM server configurations. eyeShare’s agent-less architecture allows IT professionals to automate alerts, manage ticket resolution, and handle ticket closure right within the HP SM dashboard.

How It Works

The plug and play Integration Packs for HP SM use the HP SM Web Service and eyeShare listener to achieve the industry’s only integration method requiring minimum settings to your HP SM system. The eyeShare Integration Pack uses the appropriate web services to enable and configure the target HP SM server, enabling the Integration Pack’s functionality. It’s zero touch configuration that’s simple to implement and a breeze to manage.

Why It’s Beneficial

Without the eyeShare interface, HP SM can be cumbersome, requiring manual data entry and long service desk procedures. By combining the two, you will be able to create a closed-loop, automated process that accelerates incident management and resolution, and executes tasks across systems and environments via standard secured protocols.

With eyeShare for HP SM you can send, retrieve, and query tickets, as well as create, delete, or update tickets. For instance, at the click of a button, you can:

  • Create a New Record – Generate a new ticket in HP SM.
  • Close a Record – Close the specified ticket in HP SM.
  • Update a Record – Update any allowed field provided in the HP SM ticket.
  • Query Records – Return a list of filtered tickets.      

With the integration of eyeShare’s ITPA product with HP’s Service Management system, you’ll end up with a complete, comprehensive and highly efficient all-in-one solution for ticket management. Never worry about another request falling through the cracks or being mishandled again. Integrate your systems today.

Want to see the eyeShare/HP SM integration in action? Check out this handy video tutorial. You can have your systems merged in less than 5 minutes!

To get started right away, download your free trial of eyeShare integration pack for HP Operations Manager.

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