Orchestrators are so 2012…Meet the Next Generation!

Orchestrator is so 2012

When it comes to automation, many businesses are continuing to turn to the Big-4 orchestrator tools to help them streamline their business processes and improve operational efficiency. But these name brands – BMC Orchestrator, Microsoft Orchestrator, HP Orchestrator, CA and IBM – aren’t necessarily the wisest choice for your business. Why? Well, for starters, they’re very complex, expensive and have a long implementation process – from months to years. Here are just a few of the many reasons why the next generation of IT process automation tools provide a much better choice.

Much Less Expensive – The first step in achieving automation for your organization is purchasing a product that is best suited to meet your needs. While the name on the package might be fancy and instill a sense of security (albeit, a false one), if you’re planning on implementing one of the Big-4 orchestrator tools, plan on investing a pretty penny. A lightweight IT process automation solution, on the other hand, will allow you to achieve the same process automation results (or better) at a fraction of the cost.

Simple to Deploy – If you’re going to implement a new automation tool for your business, you’d probably like to get it up and running as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you’ve just spent a significant amount of money and are left spinning your wheels, wondering when or even if it will ever pay off. The problem with the Big-4 tools is that they’re so complex that they can take weeks, months or even years to fully deploy. Does your business really have that kind of time to waste? With pre-packaged IT process automation templates, on the other hand, you can be up and running and fully functioning in mere minutes.

Easy to Use and Operate – Often it’s not just the purchase and implementation of a new software that costs a business money, but it’s the time it takes for personnel to master the new tools available to them. Big-4 orchestrator tools are great, but they’re incredibly complex, which makes training time-intensive and costly. To truly be effective at improving efficiency and productivity, you need a solution that will be simple to use from the get-go.

User-Friendly Interfaces – An automated solution is only as good as the person or persons managing it. If the interface is complex, confusing and just difficult to use, the result will be less than positive. The next generation of IT process automation tools is designed to make it simple for end-users to access and manage the program. In short, the right IT automation should make it easier for your employees to be able to do their jobs, and do so more efficiently. Unfortunately, with the Big-4, it’s often the opposite.

Lightweight and Agentless –What kind of resources can your business really afford to allocate to maintaining your automation system? If you choose one of the Big-4 orchestrator tools, be prepared to sacrifice these resources – both in terms of technology and manpower – indefinitely. A lightweight IT process automation solution, on the other hand, will help you allocate your resources to more business critical issues.

You may have heard a lot of great things about the Big-4 orchestrator tools, but it’s important to remember that these great things come at a significant cost to your business. Why waste time, money and other precious resources on a tool that may very well turn out to be more complicated than it really needs to be? IT process automation is the wave of the future, and it’s the wisest choice for your business’ automation needs.

Don’t believe us? Give it a try for free today and see for yourself how this powerful and cost-effective tool can help bring your business to the next level.

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