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Cloud Management

Cloud Management AUTOMATE MANUAL IT TASKS AND WORKFLOWS ACROSS PHYSICAL, VIRTUAL AND CLOUD-BASED SYSTEMS. RAPIDLY MOVE FROM YOUR ON-PREMISE DATA CENTER TO THE CLOUD. Get a Live Demo My team is actively managing a huge number of projects on any given day. We really don’t have the time or the resources to spend managing our […]


Security Operations (SOC)

SECURITY OPERATIONS (SOC) EVEN THE LARGEST ENTERPRISES CANNOT HIRE ENOUGH STAFF TO TACKLE ALL THE SECURITY AND COMPLIANCE CHALLENGES Get a Live Demo We now have a much more effective alerting system in place reducing reaction time in case of outages, and even acting proactively to avoid the occurrence of incidents, with almost unlimited possibilities […]


It Operations Management (ITOM)

IT OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT (ITOM) AUTOMATE REPETITIVE AND ROUTINE IT TASKS TO REDUCE DOWNTIME AND IMPROVE INCIDENT MANAGEMENT PROCESSES. Get a Live Demo The Ayehu product provided a platform for automation which has dramatically reduced event handling time and improved the incident escalation notification process. For me personally, it has provided the opportunity to gain a […]


It Service Management

IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT WHAT IF THERE WAS A LEVEL 0F SUPPORT TIER THAT HANDLED THE REPETITIVE, MANUAL PROCESSES FOR YOU AUTOMATICALLY, WITHOUT ANY NEED FOR HUMAN INTERVENTION? Get a Live Demo With the Ayehu product, communicating with ServiceNow has become very fluid, so creating tickets and tracking their status is very easy to accomplish in […]


MSPs: Augment Your Workforce with IT Process Automation

MSPs: Augment Your Workforce with IT Process Automation Ayehu NG is a web based Intelligent IT Automation and Orchestration platform. The platform has been deployed by world leading MSPs for over a decade, across hundreds of their enterprise customers. Get a Live Demo Worldwide MSPs rely on Ayehu with digital labor there’s no limit to […]


COVID-19 and Remote Working – 5 Essential Factors for Companies to Consider

A month ago, the economy was rolling along. Enter COVID-19 and suddenly everything seems to be grinding to a halt, with organizations scrambling to stay afloat and avoid disruption as much as possible. One primary way this is being accomplished is by enabling employees to work remotely. That being said, many companies were not adequately […]


Work from Home Support

Work from Home Support intelligent automation Not only helps organizations avert financial loss, but collectively, it could help to keep the economy more stable, preventing or at least minimizing the impact of a widespread downturn. Get a Live Demo High value automation use cases VPN Access With so many employees now getting the green light […]


Episode #37: From Witnessing Poland’s Transformation After Communism’s Collapse To Leading Digital Transformation for Global Enterprises – CGI’s Tomasz Jamroz

In this episode, Tomasz Jamroz draws upon his vast expertise to share with us some fascinating use cases he’s worked on, the 2 key factors organizations must address before undertaking digital transformation, and the technologies most likely to advance our capabilities & impact our world over the next 10 years.


A Surprisingly Simple Solution to Avoid Being Crippled by Coronavirus

Since its initial outbreak in China, the COVID-19 (a.k.a. coronavirus) has begun rapidly proliferating across the globe. Italy is on lockdown, Iran is teetering on the brink of crisis and the United States is bracing itself for a widespread and potentially devastating national outbreak. And this pandemic situation is spreading more than just sickness and […]