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6 Common Challenges of Intelligent Automation Adoption

As with all disruptive technologies, intelligent automation has the potential to bring about tremendous transformation, both in how organizations operate, as well as how the human workforce carries out various day-to-day business activities. Because of its massive and relatively rapid impact, however, there can also be a number of potential issues that can arise along […]


Episode #55: Is It Time To Start Hiring Digital Coworkers So Human Staff Can Spend More Time With Customers? – Roots Automation’s Chaz Perera

Chaz explains to us why Digital Coworkers succeeded where other bots failed. Along the way we’ll learn what the magic number is of automatable processes organizations need to have in order to justify establishing their own Center of Excellence, why a bot’s greatest value might be freeing up staff so they can spend more time with customers, and what a future with Digital Coworkers might look like.


Accelerating Digital Transformation with Intelligent Automation

Organizations across the globe are scrambling to achieve the so-called holy grail of business optimization: digital transformation. But what does that blanket term even mean? Moreover, how can it be achieved in a way that is both successful as well as sustainable? The key is intelligent automation, but not just a one-off tool. To be […]