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DELIVER INTELLIGENT IT OPS SERVICES VIA VIRTUAL SUPPORT AGENTS Intelligent Chatbots enable enterprises to serve their end-users with zero touch, leveraging 24/7 self-service NLP chatbots. Get a Live Demo AYEHU: “BEST-IN-CLASS” AUTOMATION PLATFORM FOR CHATBOTS ​ McKinsey&Company recently (Feb 2019) defined “best-in-class solution” when selecting the right platform for IT automation (with both simple and more […]


6 Steps for Bringing Your AI Project from Concept to Reality

There is often a disconnect between proof of concept testing of AI, which typically occurs in a controlled environment, and applications that occur in the real world. External forces, like variable conditions, integrations with existing workflows and actual time requirements commonly lead to a breakdown of these proof of concept solutions. In fact, one recent […]


Hired! How to Put Digital Labor to Work for Your Service Desk

With the proliferation of all kinds of bots the last few years, “digital labor” is a term you’re going to be hearing more and more about going forward. Lee Coulter, who chairs the IEEE Working Group on Standards in Intelligent Process Automation says that “digital labor” is really just another term for “intelligent automation”. However, […]


The Secret to Creating an AI-Powered Organization (Hint: It’s Not Technology)

Ask most companies that market AI products what the key is to successful digital transformation, and chances are, the knee-jerk reaction of far too many will be “technology.” We’re certainly not going to say that technology doesn’t play a pivotal role. To the contrary, it’s essential. What we are proposing is that creating a self-driving, […]



APPDYNAMICS INTEGRATION AYEHU INTEGRATES WITH APPDYNAMICS CNS TO PROVIDE FULLY AUTOMATED END-TO-END IT INCIDENT REMEDIATION View Ayehu Integrations About the integration Ayehu’s automated workflows can be triggered by alerts received from AppDynamics via webhooks. When AppDynamics detects an issue, such as high CPU utilization, low disk space or memory running low, it can diagnose the […]


Preparing for the Future with IT Process Automation

As organizations focus their attention on the future in an attempt to envision what that new normal will ultimately look like, IT process automation should begin to come into clearer focus than ever. Faced with the increasing challenge of managing mountains of data and maximizing uptime without bringing in additional human workers, businesses that are […]